Incredible document on the Watchtower and cognitive dissonance

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    Sab: Thanks for posting this essay.

    I had missed this when it was first posted. I think others will enjoy this essay.

  • insearchoftruth

    For someone not brought up in the organzation this is a very valuable and eye opening read, not only into the WTS but into the ways many control groups are able to work and draw in people you would never imagine that they could!!

  • truthlover

    That summary encompasses all the feelings and emotion one goes thru when deciding to become a witness. It's only later, many years later, that the mind starts to clear and the brain starts putting the puzzle pieces together and then you start looking, then questioning, then once again, the emotions take over and you find yourself in such a quandry as to what you will do, you know you should get out, but what if... your alone now, your mate has died, your children are in, your health is not good and you will need the help that some will give within the congregation? Where do you go? Who is your friend in the world now? They are gone, long gone... government agencies?? home health care?? strangers who do not know or care for you?? At that point, you are no further ahead, now that your life is gone.. so you live a lie, your smile is pasted on, your ok, fine, nothing wrong here..... yet questioning, is this the right belief system? IS it based on spiristic foundations? What does God/Jehovah really think of me if I have misgivings and don't leave...

    The buzz words, cognitive dissonance, I can't relate too - I fully know what is going on with the society, the mind boggling twisting of the truth of God's words, yet I stay..... mainly because of the above

    I do want to have a peaceful, spiritual life but am I achieving it now? No - cause deep inside, I know - I know

  • sabastious
    Sab: Thanks for posting this essay.

    When I read it the first time I knew I had come across something special. It has a Steven Hassan feel to it with a Witness flavor instead of the Moonies, imo.


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    Sabastious: Good point. So. . .

    If anyone read the essay and found it to be helpful, then you will definitely benefit from reading Steve Hassan's books. His first book is called 'Combatting Cult Mind Control' and his second is entitled, 'Releasing the Bonds'.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    Very good. Thank you for posting this, and to the author for writing it, and those who provided the source material.

    Note the connection between a convert's isolation and how the Jonestown Cult isolated their own in South America. Willing and/or forced isolation is central.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    " A third condition limiting an examination of the Watchtower cult during the decisional conflict stage is the very lack of information available to investigate. There is a lot of literature, books, tapes, and tracts exposing the teachings and history of the JWs, but it is often not as easy to find it at the exact time the initiate needs it.''

    No longer, thanks to the internet and to sites like this!

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  • strymeckirules

    i wish we could slip something into thier drinks that would undo the brainwash. like lsd or mushrooms.

    i also wish their was a "incantation" type of de-hypnotising them. if you could say "by the power of Christ, he command you to think" or some mantra.

    in the bible book of Tobit, the archangel Raphael says to burn a fish liver to expell a demon, because they cannot stand the smell and they will flee from even a hint of the smell of a burning fish liver.

    anyone tried this method?

    can't knock it till you try it i guess.

    i do believe there is some good magic in this world.

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