Ten Greatest Movies Ever

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  • Simon

    Doh...she's been using my computer again - that last post was by me (as if you couldn't guess)

  • mommy

    I want in on this toooooooooo!
    JERRY MAGUIRE (not because of Tom Cruise either)
    sound of music
    definatley GODFATHER (favorite pastime staying up all night watching them all in a row:))
    hope floats
    a cool dry place
    running on empty
    some kinda wonderful( worlds best kiss scene and pg)
    lion king:)

  • ZazuWitts

    Indeed I do Frenchy, the trouser frames came out in the early '60s - they did do the job, but remember what a 'bear' it was trying to get wet pants over them! They did look nice though - and I remember getting so frustrated w/ larc when he would throw them on the floor at night. When I was a youngin' it was my job to put the "ice sign" in the window to let the iceman know how many pounds we needed for the icebox -and my Kentucky relatives all had outhouses - I was always worried about spiders biting my butt!

  • ZazuWitts

    Well, didn't I get sidetracked.

    Some, only some, of my favorite movies:
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    Mutiny on the Bounty (both versions)
    The Life of Emile Zola
    Mrs. Miniver
    On the Waterfront
    All the Kings Men
    How Green was my Valley
    From Here to Eternity
    Bridge on the River Kwai
    The Fench Connection
    Shawshank Redemption
    Out of Africa
    One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Chariots of Fire
    Driving Miss Daisy
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    The Deer Hunter
    Dances with Wolves
    Johnny Belinda
    The Country Girl
    Rear Window
    The Rose Tatt
    Come Back Little Sheba
    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    and I could go on and on and on -
    'nuf for now, eh!

  • neyank

    How come no one mentioned An Officer And A Gentleman?
    I always thought it was a great movie.

  • Preston

    1.) 2001: A Space Odyssey
    2.) The Seventh Seal
    3.) Andrei Rublev
    4.) Dr. Strangelove
    5.) The Right Stuff
    6.) Breaking the Waves
    7.) Miller's Crossing
    8.) Fanny and Alexander
    9.) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
    10.) tie - Once Upon a Time in the West/Charley Varrick

  • larc


    My wife, Zazu put up a bunch of movies, most of which we have seen together, holding hands and eating popcorn.

    I will just put up a couple that affected my belief system:

    Inherit the Wind: About the creation versus evolution, Scopes trial.

    The Seventh Seel by Igmar Bergman: The application of Revelation to the bubonic plague in Europe.

    The Virgin Spring by Igmar Bergman: when a religious man faces great evil.

    The song, I think it was in West Side Story: It Ain't Necessarily So (the things that your liable to read in the Bible, etc.)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Okay, I'm going to take it that this is asking my opinion for the 10 *best* movies and not my 10 *favorite* movies. These are, in my opinion, the 10 best movies ever made:

    1. CITIZEN KANE (1941)

    2. CASABLANCA (1942)

    3. THE GODFATHER (1972)

    4. GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)

    5. SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993)

    6. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)

    7. THE GRADUATE (1967)

    8. RAGING BULL (1980)

    9. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962)

    10. THE GRAPES OF WRATH (1940)

    Joe Bob says "Check it out."

  • D8TA

    1) Blade Runner

    2) Shawshank Redemption

    3) Rudy

    4) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    5) The Great Escape

    6) Saving Private Ryan

    7) Somewhere In Time

    8) Empire Strikes Back

    9) LOTR:FOTR & TTT

    10) Gladiator

    ( Crimeny there's so many, hard to list them: 9 1/2 weeks, When Harry Met Sally, City of Angels, The Natural, The Dirty Dozen, Bullet, Magnificent 7, Unforgiven, The Right Stuff, The Sixth Sense, Akira, Star Trek: First Contact, R A N, Enter the Dragon, Lethal Weapon, Running Scared, Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

  • Gerard

    Lord Of The Rings.

    Gone With the Wind.

    Peter Pan.

    Never Ending Story.


    Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.

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