I'm sorry, but I have to say this re Katy Perry (fluff thread, sort of)...

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  • mamalove

    She is no Celine Dion, but she can carry a tune. I suck at singing!! I was going to dress up as her for Halloween but opted for something different. My kids said no to the cupcake bra lol!

  • tec

    I like this one. I think its really cool.


  • ShirleyW

    Hey Mamalove:

    My comment above about Katie Perry also applies to Celine, don't get the talent or the marriage thing with her either (her old hubby first met her when she was just 11 years old, creepy!)

  • cyberjesus

    well i like it

  • ozbrad

    Katy Perry rulez.

    I made a mix of her greatest remixes last month http://www.mixcloud.com/DjBj_/the-katy-perry-mix/

    No dud tracks there.

    Ozbrad aka DjBj

  • talesin

    ShirleyW --- I totally agree! Celine has a lovely instrument, but I find her voice rather soul-less (kinda like Mariah Carey),, and her husband, well, let's just say I agree.

    Rebel, I agree with you about Katy's music. But like one of my musician friends says "there's nothing wrong with a good pop song".

    I do get the Brand/Perry connection, though. He did Rosie O'Donnell's first show (he was the only guest), and wow, some of the things he had to say about the belief systems of he and his wife were just amazing. I wish it was on youtube, but I couldn't find the clip I wanted. The man has seemingly made an incredible journey from addiction/crazy party animal to a beautiful spirituality.

    Another interesting tie-in,,, watched her interviewed about her upbringing. Katy was raised uber-religious,,, was not allowed to say 'lucky', and at Hallowe'en they turned out all the lights (just like JWS) and pretended they were not home. It's Satanic, ya know! She said her parents disagree with her life, but still love/support her (obviously they are NOT JWS).


  • rebel8

    Pretty young girl, jet black hair, big blue eyes, enormous boobs......what's not to like?

    She's naturally blonde! She dyed it black. You know, because others are so envious of us dark haired ladies.

  • thetrueone

    Pop rock stars aren't known for their vocal capabilities.

    They are not commercially promoted on that particular talent.

    As apposed to classically trained and inspired vocalists.

  • rebel8

    Ok, in generalities that may be true.

    But why doesn't her music co. alter her voice digitally like they [allegedly] do Brittney et. al.?

    That "Friday night" song...omg...when she sings "schoooooooooooool"....ow, my ear drum bursts.

  • 3rdgen

    I admit I agreed with you who don't "get it " until I was visiting my daughter who was given vip tickets to KP's concert this summer in Santa Barbara. We attended together and afterward

    I "got it". The show was exceptionally entertaining and she did her very best as it was her hometown. Believe it or not. she sounded much better in person. Her voice sounded richer-

    less shallow. And she's so campy it was infectious. The show had a berlesque feel without being nasty. This old brod had a blast!

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