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by N.drew 53 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • N.drew

    This is an illustration that best describes in human terms what I believe Eve did.

    Picture the litle pieces of paper that contain an alcohol prep swab.

    Sometimes I come accross one that is old*, and it's been hanging around for a while.

    So what comes to mind is; "I wonder if it is still damp?"

    I could open it to check (that is what our mother did).

    or I could throw it away (that is what God did not do).

    or I could leave it alone.

    If I open it, then I will either pretend I need it and use it, then throw it away.

    Or I should throw it away.

    *but it still looks OK from the outside

  • SixofNine

    :wipes the corners of N.drew's mouth:

    That's a good lass, let's read and read and read. Momma and pappa will be coming for their Thanksgiving visit soon, aren't you excited!?

  • N.drew

    PLease explain. You owe it to me. You are speaking wibble. Please speak more clearly.

  • N.drew

    Oh, because you believe there is no Eva? Then you are a fignebt of my imagination big bed bug? Be gone! I say be gone!

  • EntirelyPossible

    I think it was just that your analogies tend to make absolutely no sense.

  • N.drew

    There you go with your absolutes again EP. Do you hear yourself?

  • N.drew

    You are so right EP alcohol swaps are a modern invention sort of kind of. You want a comma? Put it in yourself.

  • designs

    You had me at 'alcohol prep swab'

  • N.drew

    EP, wrong spelling? Fix it yourself, if it matters. Oh, sorry, poor thing, got no imagination? A pity, really.

  • N.drew

    Do not open the paper, the alcohol is there for an emergency (when needed) Do I have to say tree of life?

    Open it because you just need to know, then the alcohol dries quickly (very quickly) and it becomes good for nothing.

    Bed bug, Ep, all the trolls, if you don't know what an alcohol prep swab is, then (can I say) shut up.

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