JWs from Philippines let's talk here!

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  • saixscythe

    It seems there are small numbers of Filipinos in this site.

    But anyways, hi I'm a Filipino also but I'm not a member or was a member of Jehovah's Witness. I just have friends that are Jehovah's Witness and I'd really liked to get them out the organization.

  • Iamallcool

    Welcome to the board, we are glad to have you.

  • dozy

    Welcome to the board. I think you will have a struggle on your hands trying to get any Filipino JWs "out". From my limited experience of OFW Filipino JWs when I worked in Sharjah / Dubai , they have very strong family ties and strong "Christian" convictions from their upbringing in a strongly Catholic country where the bible is largely respected.

    I also have to say that I found them amongst the kindest , most hospitable people I have ever met. If all JWs were like that , then I guess less would leave.

  • saixscythe

    Thank you.

    Believe me, I have tried convincing JWs on the streets and had a hard time. Some are just really hard-headed even if you present them with their own publications and verses in the bible as evidence to the Watchtower's wrong teachings and corruption, and some just bow their heads down pretending to not listen and make a worried expression whenever I said something critical to the organization's teachings (I mostly get this from JWs that have a limited understanding of their teachings and those that I assume are having doubts). Probably it's their fear of the organization that makes them refuse to listen or leave like most stories I find in the internet. I never really have successfully convinced a JW to leave, or not that I know of since I don't really know any of the JWs I mostly spoke.

    And your observation of JW Filipinos is correct. But that doesn't just apply to JW Filipinos but Filipinos in general. Well, okay, most of the Filipinos. It's just part of our culture to have close family ties so, yes, there are just a small number that leave.

    I also noticed JW Filipinos never really do shunning properly compared to other countries. Like my friend who has a disfellowshipped older sister for committing premarital sex. He and his brother converse with her all the time but when an elder comes to their house to visit, not a slight word can be heard between them. But I'm not really sure about this since I have only personally known 3 JW families.

  • jwfacts

    I also noticed JW Filipinos never really do shunning properly compared to other countries.

    I have found the same. I have Filipino JWs that treat me like I am not disfellowshipped, whereas I have completely lost touch with all my Aussie JW friends. Also my Filo MIL speaks to me more since I have been d/f, where as my own family have almost nothing to do with me.

  • saixscythe

    That's actually great to know. I do find it strange though that Filipino JWs can talk to disfellowshipped members without the GB's intervention to it or maybe it's not just well-known to be considered an issue. Or maybe "Jehovah" gave them special exemption. XD

    By the way, I really love your site jwfacts. I find great insight in its contents. More power to you man.

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