CO Visits=encouragement?

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  • truth_b_known

    The evil empire is a greedy corporation. The body of elders are the store managers. The Circuit Overseer is the regional manager. He comes by on a regular basis to check your store's records to ensure that profits are up. As a result, the store managers (elders) are on edge and frantically attempt to make sure the store and it's employees (publishers) are in order/compliance. Compliance with what? Corporate policy.

    Corporate policy of the evil empire is to rule through fear and tyranny. You are scolded when you are not meeting quotas. If you are meeting quotas, you are commended and then are quickly left defeated by the #1 question asked by the evil empire and it's agenst: "..but can you do more?" Afterall, you can never do enough, you good for nothing slave.

    Also, let us not forget that C.O.'s have the privilege to add unnecessary and useless prohibitions based soley on personal opinion as only the self-righteous can do. Here's a list of some of my favorites:

    Any elder/ministerial servant/pioneer who says the word "crap" should be immediately removed.

    Brother should not accept jobs that invovle shiftwork. If you are working any schedule other than M-F, 9-5 you are not to hold any special privileges.

    Sisters should be pioneers. If you are married and working you aren't sacraficing enough for the ministry.

    And so, the local body of elders would enforce these man-made rules as if Jehovah's hand itself wrote them on stone tablets. Of course, the minute the Circuit got a new Circuit Overseer, those rules went right out the window.

  • AvocadoJake

    Seriously, some of these men are being worshiped, like they know something more than the Bible is telling us. The Special diets, how could Prince not see a "Coat-tail rider' like this brother? Prince does not appear to be a stupid businessman or muscian, so how would he allow some false disingenuine lack of humility brother, to feast on his fortune? Just like Gehazi, Anania and Sapphrias, and Diotropes, we will always be plagued by those who pretend to do good, and crave what belongs to Jehovah and Jesus Christ. A positive note, there are a few old COs who, after they retired, have been faithful stewards of the weak, elderly and check up on fatherless boys. This couple is scrutinized closely, as fools say they should spend more time handing tracts out, than practicing real qualities of Christ.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm trying to remember the name of a young CO we had for one visit. His big thing was alcohol. Every part would talk about alcohol abuse. Even the meeting for FS and any prayer he gave would bring in a comment about alcohol abuse.

  • stillin

    I knew a young brother who went home after the saturday afternoon pioneer meeting with the CO and blew his head off with his shotgun. I had known him as a kid and never knew any more about where his head was at during that time.

  • NoRegrets

    That is SO AWFUL! Must have been an especially strong guilt trip at the pioneer meeting......

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