CO Visits=encouragement?

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  • outsmartthesystem

    The fact that people practically crap themselves when someone of "importance" comes to visit within the borg should prove something. My father in law likes to relate a story about golfing w/ a DO and beating him by a stroke. His conscience wouldn't let him "purposely lose". But Man.....was he nervous after that! He jokes about walking on eggshells for the rest of the week. Making sure not to bring it up for fear that the DO would see it as him having too much pride or bragging....thus risking getting deleted as an elder. Yup. That's God's direction at work folks! Fear those above you!

    And I recall David Splaine giving a talk at our circuit assembly once. You should have seen the crowd. People were nervous. Those that NEVER took notes were feverishly writing down everything he said. I was walking around during his talk when an elder from my KH (who was acting as an attendant) advised that I take my seat and listen closely because......this was a talk by a GOVERNING BODY MEMBER! I proceeded to cream my suit pants at that moment.

  • NoRegrets

    3rdgen, WOW! WOW! WOW! That is unreal! They baptized themselves in a group fashion? Wild! I started another thread about Prince and the special treatment he received you'll have to read.

  • NoRegrets

    Anyone ever encounter a CO named Jack Thomas? He was completely old school and shot from the hip. He came through our circuit and raised hell in his unconventional ways and was "reassigned" after only one visit instead of the usual 6 visit rotation! He was very memorable and ruffled a lot of feathers with his famous expressions that we quoted for years to come.

    He had a parable about building the temple and how grand it was and how much work it was. He stated that there was no way the temple would have been built if the Jews had simply gone once a week and "nailed their two boards" on the building. It was his metaphor to say that the preaching isn't going to be finished if we only went out the average 2 hours every Saturday. He also spoke about where we'd be if we didn't serve JE-HOV: Toes UP! (As he said it, he would always make a distinct gesture pointing his two fingers like an upside down air quote.)

    When he visited my wife's rural congregation nearby, he squinted at the audience in his first part and said he didn't even recognize them as God's organization!?!?!

    He also visited some other friends' congregation to the west and made waves. He spilled coffee on himself and cried "Goddammit!". He nervously said muttered, "Well, I, uh, haven't said THAT in a while".

    Anyone else ever meet this legend before he was put out to pasture?

  • outsmartthesystem

    QB - That has to be the funniest thing I've read in a long time! Now THAT was a meeting I would have liked to have attended!

  • straightshooter

    When I was a publisher, I loved the CO visits. Usually a higher quality of talks being given. But when I became a servant, I did not look forward to the CO visits. Always wondered who he would condemn or what the cong or bro were not doing right.

  • leavingwt

    I've known a few COs that Jesus Christ himself would punch in the face, if they were to visit him.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    There were a few I enjoyed but.... my last 13 years of being a JW lived in a rural KH so it was a big deal.... Would work in FS with them all week!!! Stress!! The last few stayed with us!!! That was a pain!!! Some were thankfull others seemed like they deserved it?

    After I stopped I always knew when the CO was in town cuz they would like to "clean up" God's house or DF Sound Sheep

    It was a year ago I'd say almost to this day 11/11/ that I wrote my DA note!!

  • Lynnie

    does anyone know of Kin and MaryJo Shinn? He was a DO in the Seattle area for awhile. He decided to stalk me and suggested that "I should be patient" and someday we could be together? Really? I was only 19 at the time and was trying to leave the JW's and this guy came to my apartment to discuss this with me! Yikes! I always wondered how many mistresses he had in all of his districts. HA! Encouragement? Not really!

  • NoRegrets

    Any names of the particularly douchy ones? The one who fell in with living the high life with Prince and Larry Graham was named Steven Campanga. He was a real dink and my sister credits him largely for her eyes being opened and her leaving! He was over to one family's home for dinner where the wife was an excellent cook and always put on a super meal. He seemed to fuss over it a bit and pick at it making the wife self-conscious. She asked if he liked the meat and he said he preferred "filet mignon". What an ass! He was the same one who demanded an impoverished rural congregation put him up in a hotel because the publisher's homes were unfit accomadations!!!

  • NoRegrets

    Anyone ever have a DO named Suiter? Was he related to the GB member Suiter?

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