Merrimack New Hampshire KH Project denied credit by WT seeks $ from others

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  • bnybyt

    The Merrimack congregation in NH is seeking to buy land and build a new KH, the NH RBC has plans to build a $750,000 (that's right a three quarter million KH). "The Branch" has wanted to build a KH between the cities of Concord and Manchester NH for quite a few years now.

    Unfortunately the WT has looked into their resources, local bank account is over $100,000, and they can contribute $2,000 monthly towards a mortgage. Well, it seems the WT doesn't think that's enough to lend them the money from the KH building contributions fund.

    So, the WT has suggested they ask nearby congregations for assistance.

    That's right, other congregations are being asked to take out new loans with the WT, or extend their current KH remodeling loans, to the tune of $50,000 in order to supplement the cost of the Merrimack Congregation's KH.

    Who will own the building once it's paid for?

    Are you ready for the answer?

    Wait for it...


    Yup! You guessed it...

    "The Branch"

  • dgp

    I want to join the Watchtower, provided I get a share of the money.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Why do they need a $750,000 Kingdom Hall?

  • Gayle

    nauseating,,does Concord and Manchester have already existing KHs? Would there be a selling of existing Halls?

  • Refriedtruth

    There are a LOT of these news articles on Kingdom Halls being converted to of all things funeral parlors.This is just what gets on the news that I can find,estimates are that 3 K-Halls get sold and 3 built per week in the US so there is no growth just make work projects for the dub drones. Back in the 1960's K-halls were said to be dedicated to Jehovah for life as holy as the ancient Jewish temple and the Most Holy, and jokes were made about Christendoms churches becoming privies and funeral parlors. 1 Greene County Board of Zoning Adjustment tables crematory proposalSpringfield News-Leader -9-14-2011 ... also Greene County Commissioners -- voted unanimously to table a proposal that would have allowed owners of the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall at 4421 ... 2 Malcolm X group sees money in laundryOmaha World-Herald - Christopher Burbach - The foundation has $200000 of the $250000 it needs to buy the Jehovah's ... The Jehovah's Witnesses building would house a headquarters and visitor center. ...


    City approves zoning change for GRACE House move

    City approves zoning change for GRACE House move By Lisa Rosemore Grand Rapids Herald-Review GRACE House is one step closer to having a home of its own. After a standing room only public hearing - which saw people not only standing inside and outside council chambers but down the stairs leading to the chambers as well - the Grand Rapids City Council approved, on a 4-0 vote, a zoning change for the former Jehovah Witnesses Kingdom Hall property. Councilor Joe Chandler was absent from Monday's meeting and did not vote. GRACE House and the Jehovah Witnesses have a purchase agreement and the zoning change, from one-family residential to limited business, will allow GRACE House, once its purchase of the property is completed, to use the building as its new home for its homeless shelter. For the past six years, GRACE House has been housed in Zion Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. 4
    Neighbors Worry Funeral Home Would Hurt Property Values - Jeremy Stevens - 9-14-2011 The potential buyer of the former Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses wants to turn the building into a funeral home. Dean Adams' family already operates a ... 5

    The Door Youth Project poised to relocate to Stroud Jehovah's...Stroud News and Journal - Nick Wakefield - 9-13-2010 THE Door Youth Project has announced it may relocate to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Cornhill, Stroud. ... The Door Youth Project poised to relocate to Stroud Jehovah’s Witness building

    THE Door Youth Project has announced it may relocate to the Kingdom Hall of, in the car park of the premises as a wood workshop. ---- Mortuary moving to Flat After more than 100 years Uptown, Duggan Dolan Mortuary is relocating. The Montana Standard - Mar 12 2:19 AM -- 6 Longtime Uptown business buys larger property

    Mortuary moving to Flat

    New Frontiers in TBI buys new S. Buffalo site (blog) - 10-7-2011 A surge in new clients and expanded services has prompted New Frontiers in TBI Inc. to purchase a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation hall in South Buffalo . ...
  • Refriedtruth

    I had a whole list that I collected got cut off trying to paste the kicker is OTHER churches funeral parlors..

  • DaCheech

    not wanting to lend, when the building is gonna be theirs yours anyway?

    Doesn't make sense? they live in bizarro world

  • journey-on

    Talk about dumb sheep! How can otherwise seemingly intelligent people fall for this scam year after year while the mother corporation gets stinking filthy rich!? But, that's sheep for 'ya! They are bred to be FLEECED, SLAUGHTERED, or SACRIFICED. (I would say "mostly fleeced".)

    There is just something SO wrong with this organization (beside their stupid doctrines).

  • 00DAD

    Ok everybody, I want you all to go out and get loans on a new building project that I'm not going to have ANYTHING to do with until it is done, then it will be mine, all mine!

    Makes perfect sense to me!!!

    They're Fucking Daffy

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I don't know real estate in that area, but that seems like alot of building for the area. How do they think they can support it?

    On another note, apparently it was determined that the BROTHERS aren't good for the money. @ 3.125%, the 2k payment would just cover the interest, without any reduction in principal. So I guess it's not about the message.

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