Thanks for your help !

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  • Balaamsass

    I want to thank everyone for being so Kind ! 3rd Jen has had a big smile all week! It is like a huge weight has come off our shoulders. Guilt is gone. We thought we were loosing our minds at times when discussing some of the increasing CraZY talk in the Mags and off the platform. We would look at each other and It was like huh??? Where did they get THAT in the Bible???

    Thanks everyone for your sanity and levity! :)

  • punkofnice

    3rdgen -

    To Punk: I have lurked and read some of your hilarious posts.

    Thanks. You're welcome.

    Here have a dublication from my bookbag (counts a placement)

    Regards Paolo!

    the washTowel and Asleep! Spoof PDFs are available free of charge. Just give me an Email address and I'll send them ASAP!

    ..........and for the latest washTowel Dublication spoof covers go here... given-the-paint-job


  • 00DAD

    Welcome, I look forward to your contributions to the forum!!!


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