Are you including family members that has shun you for years in your will?

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  • jam

    I am sorry ,but my daughter will not be in my will.

    Her dughters my grand kids, that,s another story,

    it,s not their fault they do not know me. So I,am

    comtemplating, in my will the money that I leave

    from my grand kids they will only receive it after

    two years of college within two years of finishing

    high school. If not, then they share will go to my

    other grand kids.

  • MrFreeze

    I don't have a will but I would only want to include people who care for me...

  • tenyearsafter
  • irondork

    Spend your money. Leave the house and any other valuables to a nice charity.

  • JRK

    No way. After my mother is gone, my sisters will be dead to me.


  • rebel8

    h-e-double toothpicks NO.

    Not any different than provisions I make for others I don't love and who don't love me.

  • shamus100

    The old 'they should get it because they are family'.

    They only gave birth to you, they chose the path they are going down, f***'em. Give it to your dog to really piss them off.

  • Iamallcool

    jam, that is a great idea, it will motivate your grandkids to go to College right away after high school.

  • ldrnomo

    Anyone worth being in my will haven't shunned me. Maybe that's why

  • Quarterback

    I am not shunned, but I will be including one of my Dissassociated children in my will.

    Didn't the Father of the 'Prodigal Son' do the same. The acct says that the son was going to live a live of debauchery. The father didn't hold back what the child was entitled to in the parable.

  • Greybeard


    Did you raise this child as a JW? My boys shunned me but I respected them for it. I taught them to obey the JW's org. They did it because they LOVE me and thought it was the only right way to help me return. WHY can't you see this? This is YOUR fault if you RAISED them as JWs!!! Not theirs. What did I do? I sucked it in and got reinstated just so I could talk to my boys. My oldest one who loves me with all of his heart in tears asked me if what he did helped me to come back. Truth is, YES, I never would have for sure. I didn't break his heart and tell him I no longer believe it. Because I got reinstated I have been able to place doubts in his mind. It is true, now he is fearful of me being "apostate" but we all know why. These children are confused. If you at one time was fighting for the JW cause and then left your children out there on the battle field because you no longer believe... It's your fault not theirs. I went back into the battle field to get my children out. That is where they are. Your child is where you left her/him. Now you are hurt because they wont talk to you? So now you want to show them and keep them out of your will? That will only reinforce what the WT says about you won't it? That you really don't love them. If that is the message you want to send to your child then go for it. Leave them out if you don't love them. Personally I could NEVER do such a thing to my child. Loyal JW's are NOT BAD PEOPLE!!! They are captive to a concept. I know many here will disagree with me but face the facts. YOU raised them in this cult. Maybe you didn't... I know I did. I will LOVE my children even if they don't speak to me for the rest of my life. I suggest you do the same. Then the pain in your heart that you are feeling will go away.

    Your brother in Christ,


    P.S. Edit:

    By the way... I got DFed because I got a DUI. I felt it was wrong that they DFed me so at that time I researched everything on JW's. I learned "The Truth About The Truth." Even though I never wanted to be a JW again, I owed it to my family to "REPENT". Now if I get DFed again.... My children won't think it is because I sinned and couldn't man up... It will be for not believing all the false prophecies. They know how I feel now and only because I got reinstated. Now I am fading out... MY WAY

  • Quarterback

    That's great thinking, Greybeard.

  • Roberta804

    I am the youngest of 4 girls, all of us raised by our JW mother and our non-practicing Catholic Father. The eldest and her 8 kids shunned me and my sisters over 20 years ago because we choose not to be JW anymore. So our contact with our eldest sister and the vast majority of our familiy has been very nil. Elder sister made elaborate plans to take care of our aging parents, come to find out they bilked them out of 150 grand. Mom demtia and Dad with Altiheimers (sp). It took me 6 months, two fiancial advisors, two attorneys and Adult protective services in two states to gain custody of my parents. Now our eldest sister has died after 5 years of me taking care of my parents. Father died in 2010 and they (my sister's kids) expect me to promise them their mother's share of the estate? I don't think so.

  • jam

    Greybeard; I understand where you are coming from.

    I will always love my kids, but to be frank, I am tired of

    being kick in the rear. Four kids, two out two in. One daughter(JW)

    stay in contact, the other one A hard core JW, would not

    give me the time of day. In the last 15yrs. I have spoken

    to her twice. The first time about 10yrs. ago, she ask if

    I could co-sign for A house for her and her husband, no

    word from her five years previous. The second time about

    seven years ago, I was selling my condominium due to health

    problem(lost job). She call me up to see if they could buy

    my condo. Not buy it but to take over the payments. No visit

    while I was in the hospital or call. As A Witness I did not raise

    my kids to be so cold hearted, this is not what I taught them.

  • Quarterback

    That really sad, Jam. Kids should show more appreciation for their parents. They should never take advantage of them.

  • facebeauty

    Yup, kids should be respectful for their parents.

  • jam

    Quarteback: My parents raise Six kids, Father A janitor,

    Mom A school teacher. After raising four kids of my own

    it help me to appreciate the sacrifices they made for us.

    No way in hell could I justify that kind of behavior toward

    my parents by me. Up till the death of both my parents

    I often told them how much I appreciated what they have

    done for us kids.

  • factfinder

    I agree with Mr. Freeze- I don't have a will but if I did only people who care about me would be in it.

    My relatives have nothing to do with me either- because I left Judaism.

  • 00DAD

    Nope, I'm leaving all my money to the WTBTS! That's what my kids would want after all, isn't it?

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