Are you including family members that has shun you for years in your will?

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  • jam

    I am sorry ,but my daughter will not be in my will.

    Her dughters my grand kids, that,s another story,

    it,s not their fault they do not know me. So I,am

    comtemplating, in my will the money that I leave

    from my grand kids they will only receive it after

    two years of college within two years of finishing

    high school. If not, then they share will go to my

    other grand kids.

  • MrFreeze

    I don't have a will but I would only want to include people who care for me...

  • tenyearsafter
  • irondork

    Spend your money. Leave the house and any other valuables to a nice charity.

  • JRK

    No way. After my mother is gone, my sisters will be dead to me.


  • rebel8

    h-e-double toothpicks NO.

    Not any different than provisions I make for others I don't love and who don't love me.

  • shamus100

    The old 'they should get it because they are family'.

    They only gave birth to you, they chose the path they are going down, f***'em. Give it to your dog to really piss them off.

  • Iamallcool

    jam, that is a great idea, it will motivate your grandkids to go to College right away after high school.

  • ldrnomo

    Anyone worth being in my will haven't shunned me. Maybe that's why

  • Quarterback

    I am not shunned, but I will be including one of my Dissassociated children in my will.

    Didn't the Father of the 'Prodigal Son' do the same. The acct says that the son was going to live a live of debauchery. The father didn't hold back what the child was entitled to in the parable.

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