Question for atheists and nonbelievers

by pressman 56 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    Lol this must be a prank.... Miz is back
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    This should be good...

    So far, so

  • OnTheWayOut

    Keep your false truth. If God or Jesus always gets the credit for the good, then they must take responsibility for much of the bad. I sincerely opened my heart and soul to them and they allowed that to lead to Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Science and archeology offer far more tangible evidence than the Bible. Blind minds insist on the other way around. And if your god of the Bible did exist, he is not worthy of actual worship what with all the problems he has heaped upon mankind because he made a woman deliberately ignorant and she failed his test that wasn't fair. Put candy on a table and tell a 3-year old she will die if she touches it while you are out of the room. She will say "Okay" and then eat it, and her parent would forgive her. Not your god, though.

  • Viviane
    God had absolutely nothing to do with that. do not pin that on my god. our God has nothing to do with that. you must know that tragedies can cause many people, such as you, to question God’s goodness.

    Really? So .... God really is involved in much, then. Why do you call it God again?

  • steve2

    Oh all ye hopeful posters who responded thinking pressman would actually give consideration to your responses - you guys have taken the gooey honey and got stuck. Now pressman picks you off one-by-one, furthering his beliefs, providing evidence thst he is not really interested in whst you have to say. And you thought JWs had a monopoly on door-opening questions.

  • thelingdow

    Pressman you did it! You have just converted your first atheist. I read your post then immediately read the bible. You know because as an atheist I never did. I was so lost and in the dark. I just believed all that science mumbo jumbo because it was, I don't know; cool? Or maybe because everyone else was doing it?

    Anyway that stuff I could never really understand anyways. And I always thought, 'hey if I can't understand it there is no way it can be true because there's no way these scientists and collage professors can be that much smarter than me" right? I mean when I looked into the sky I was always told that our universe was billions of years old. But that's just crazy talk. I mean come on I can barely remember back to when I was two years old and that was only 40 years ago. So If I cannot remember that how can I even contemplate billions of years? So now, thanks to the bible, I know the universe is only at the most 6,000 years old. But between you and me that seems a bit too old. I mean How do I really know? I wasn't there! But that's ok. I have faith.

    You are so right when you say that the bible tells us EVERYTHING we need to know. It gives us all the answers. And I know they are correct and true because I can understand them. ALL OF THEM. God has reveled all to me his humble servant. It is so simple. He says to have faith and that I must believe in Him FIRST to get the knowledge of God. And you know what? that's exactly what I did. Before I even picked up the bible for the very first time (but after reading your post of course) I said to myself: 'self, you must already believe in God' (Heb. 11:6) And not just any God. It must be the only true God.The God of THIS book I'm about to read. And so with that premise already laid I had no problem just drinking in the waters of truth. And wow! did they set me free. You know when I was an atheist I used to have no morals what-so-ever. I would drink and smoke and do drugs and have sex with anyone who would have me. I would eat lobster and pork and blood and drink coffee. But that's all over now. I have been washed clean and set free by the blood of Christ.

    It sucks though for my best friend because he is such a good guy. He has never hurt anyone in his whole life. In fact he has helped so many in so many ways and continues to do so everyday. But he is still an atheist and if he doesn't accept Jesus before it's too late he's just gonna have to burn in that great and everlasting fire reserved for the truly wicked and vile ones like him. I hope not though so I will keep trying to convert him. But if he rejects God then good residence to that piece of scum. Right?

    Anyway thanks so much again. So now that I'm a believing, chosen one of God and sense you have been doing this so much longer than me can you please tell me where I go to pick up my Hebrew slave? ( Exodus 21:2-6,Exodus 21:7-1, Leviticus 25:44-46, Ephesians 6:5, 1 Timothy 6:1-2) Yep, I'm a much more moral person now. Thanks

  • Giordano
    You know it's just too easy. Have a good life Pressman. God speed.

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