I am officially 'mentally diseased' by WBT$ standards!

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  • punkofnice

    Last night whilst I was relaxing 2 elders came to my door to tell me I am officially DA'd because of my 'actions'. They weren't specific but I have been to Church and telling others about the WBT$ scandals.

    I was told they thought I was rude for ignoring their letters and not attending my JC.

    My reply: 'You were the rude ones for sending me hounding letters when I specifically asked you never to contact me!'

    I got a 'hurumph' from the lead eldub.

    I don't remember the whole conversation but they were annoyed I kept referring to the WBT$ as 'just a big business' but I told them they were on MY property uninvited so they'd have to listen to MY opinion and I don't have to listen to theirs.

    Suffice to say I got some jabs well and truly in by telling them shunning is unchristian especially after July09 Awake 'no one should be forced to choose....etc' and how in the WT jan 1947 excommunication was said to be of pagan origin.

    It'll fall on stoney ears and they'll just go away saying I've become angry and bitter...a 'mentally diseased apostate' just like the WBT$ said.

    They were taken aback when I boldly declared: 'I don't regcognize your authority or any authority you think you have over me just because your corporation says so!'

    They said I could return to the WBT$ later if I wanted. My reply: 'NEVER!'

  • Heaven

    They were taken aback when I boldly declared: 'I don't regcognize your authority or any authority you think you have over me just because your corporation says so!'

    Good one. I like it. Well, I'm mentally diseased too as I reject their beliefs and never got baptized. But in my family, the only mental disease I am seeing right now is with my Father who is a JW struggling with dementia.

  • wobble

    Well done Punk !!

    I bet it felt good to assert your authority on the situation, to cut those smug self-righteious bastards down to size. I bet it feels good to relax now, no more looking over your shoulder, if you ever did, they have no hold on you now at all.

    You never know, your words have gone in to their brains somewhere, and one day they may surface as two brain cells accidently spark and make one or both of those Elders take a long hard look in the mirror and say "Prat".

    Ironic that they may lable you (and me) "mentally diseased" when it is obvious that their thinking is as skewed as it is possible to be !

  • nugget

    Hi Punk, Its Angus here on Jane's account.

    This is what happened to us in January. It sounds like you handled it better than I did, I delegated the talking to Jane.

    Well Done!!!

  • talesin

    Hope you're chuffed! You should be. Good on ya!


  • jookbeard

    wow thats big news, unexpected Punk?

  • Alfred

    thanks for sharing that punkster... that was classic... well done... question: what were they pretending to accuse of had you attended your jc? (please excuse the lower-case letters... can't use capital letters on my blackberry)

  • punkofnice

    Heaven - I'm sorry about your Dad. What I am seeing is the JWs, such as Mrs Punk are the ones with 'nervous' issues. Not me. I find it ironic that Mrs Punk wants to remain in 'Jehovah's one true organization' because of the 'love' she feels there. Oh, boy has she got a rude awakening coming......and she says she doesn't have questions and cannot fault the watchtower.

    wobble - I just feel sorry for those silly sods in their cheap suits coming to MY door! I used to be so unassuming and quiet but I'm not taking any nonsense from them. I'm defending my corner.

    Angus - If you felt it didn't go well for you, you certainly are making up for it now. Keep up the good work. You've got more balls than I have. Swapped positions already!

  • nugget

    I love they way they turn up announced and deliver news like this. Then complain that you were too rude to attend their kangeroo court. Muppets the lot of them.

    Good luck embrace the madness that is apostacy

  • punkofnice

    Talesin - I have a great sense of relief after their hounding!

    jookbeard - I didn't expect them to actually call but I knew they had a JC..I was invited in a poorly written letter.

    alfred - I was accused of 'apostasy'! They don't know the half of it just that I've been associating with the local Baptist church! I did tell them that the love JWs have is conditional based on obeying WBT$ company rules. Whereas the Baptists show Christian unconditional love.

    The weird thing was that each time I threw a verbal punch they had no reply!

  • punkofnice

    nugget/angus - It annoyed me that they think they can impose their opinions and cult rules on me on my own property!

    These are the kind of nuts that use the excuse: 'God told me to do it!'

    I bet they went home congratulating themselves for being like Jehu!

  • JAFO
    The weird thing was that each time I threw a verbal punch they had no reply!

    Well... it's hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.. or two..

  • punkofnice

    JAFO - OL! I wonder if they didn't think they should talk to me about 'spiritual' things! Mind you, if they thought that they should have never hounded me in the first place. Utter moronic cult mentality.

  • hotspur

    Congrats Punky! Not an exclusive club but a happy one. So many "mentally diseased" having a ball.

    I never attended my JC hearing either. Mainly because I'd left home and the invite to attend by letter was left with my ex-wife who never told me it was there - on either occassion. Makes you wonder why they wrote it or even if they asked her if it had been passed on to me. Wouldn't have gone anyway. Pointless if I, like you, never recoginzed they have any authority over me.


  • TimothyT

    Well done Punk! First they come to YOUR door and then try to discuss YOUR business and then pin all the blame on YOU! I bet it feels good to tell them to go away!

    I expect that I will receive a visit from 2 elders in 10 months or so... i think they do annual visits of disfellowshipped ones. When they do, im going to invite them in for a drink and tell them how AMAZING my life is now and how better it all is since i left, and that i reccomend it to them. :)

    If they ever come back to your door tell them how AMAZING your life now is. Well done for going to church and for helping those who are interested in liberation from the JWs. :)

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I picture the elders walking from the door, shaking their heads..

    "Isn't that a shame, how Satan overtook poor brother Punkofnice."

    "Sure is. How about Starbucks?"

  • punkofnice

    hotspur - They can and will do what the corporation tells them to. This way they feel they've obeyed their imaginary sky friend so he won't slaughter them SOON* (Using anti-matter from Alcyone). How Happifying.

    Timmy - They can bog off for all I care. I've left them alone and all they do is hound me despite my request otherwise. Life is amazing out of the JW cancer. I've told folk at work about this hounding, I've showed them the letters and what happened last night. They are very supportive.

    It's amazing, you find out what people REALLY think of the JWs when you're an 'apostate'!

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or ‘New Light’™or which ever makes the GB appear much higher than God!)

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Well Done ! They're so used to pointing their magic wand at people and causing them to tremble with fear it's great when you can just say " get out of here with your crap"

  • punkofnice

    breakfastofchamions - It just makes the WBT$ victorious in their own minds. Sadly!!

    nancy drew - I didn't want to come over as 'bitter and twisted apostate' thus reinforcing their watchtarded world view. On the other hand I deserve my dignity and especially on my own property. Of course we all know that 'Jehovah(TM)' can over-ride even the law of trespass!

  • DesirousOfChange

    This is why someone just started a post about JWs being paranoid.


    I'm f***ing paranoid that I'm gonna slip and say or do something to result in those guys showing up at my door.

    It just happened to an old friend of ours. Same behind the back, closed door, secret hanging. Letting her know AFTER the fact.

    It's not paranoia when they really are out to get ya!


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