Today I have to trim upstairs

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  • Duderino

    Yesterday went very well. The down stairs got trimmed. I finished in a day! The reason is I made a public announcement that I needed to trim it, and it really helped making it public. So I am going to try it again. Thank you for helping!

    My question today is, if you like it like Picard's, and want to put together a foursome. Which three would you invite? No hitting, please.

  • N.drew


    Karma owes you one great big laugh fest!!

    Are you being mean or funny?

    I should think of who will be in the Hearts competition.

    Maybe then I might figure you guys out!

    Like The Help, Did ya see it? Where the Fk did they get all those friends??

  • Duderino

    You all sure are a friendly bunch of people NOT.

    I see that "to whom shall we go away to" sure has become "where shall we go".

    "a place to find new friends" only if you think in f$c*&$# harmony.

    Oh, what's that called?

    Oh, by the way god knows why.

    If you do come with the bat against the GB, you sure are welcome, oh, and you must hate the Bible too.

    Shut up

    Here's what I learned at Jehovahs-Witness. net, like you care.

    Last week at the famer's market I met a "nice" lady who is selling her "quiche", and it looked so good I said "will you be here next week" because I was out of money. Yes, she said. My heart says take a trip to town to buy some "qiuche" because when a vendor sells all their stuff, it feels good. BUT I will not because she is probably JUST LIKE YOU GUYS.

  • Duderino

    Sorry i couldnt help myself.

  • mrsjones5

    He's being mean N.Drew, as usual. I think he can't help it. He got kicked off the board a few months ago because of some choice words he spouted. History may repeat itself.

  • Duderino

    No sense of humor people.

  • sir82

    Tell us something funny and we'll laugh.

  • N.drew

    Well, I must be of the same mold as he, because it is funny! Very funny! I asked because I don't much like hitting, so I thought I should ask!

  • watersprout

    Ok that's just mean! For the love of God where is your compassion?? Just leave said person you are mocking alone!

  • NewChapter

    LOL---this MIGHT be Dude being funny. We don't recognize it cuz he's usually mean. And what WATERSPOUT said-----LOL .....

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