Arguing with a Russellite

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  • IsaacJ22

    Reslight, I now presume that wasn't you and I'm glad to find that out. But anyone from any group can be kinda crazy or obsessive. Nothing about being a Bible Student, JW, or anything else can insulate a group from that.

    And I was telling the truth. Wikipedia has since deleted his comments, but the person in question even posted there. He kept changing the entry to reflect his views on JWs and Russell and threatened to sue if anyone altered them.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Russell was wacky but not much more harmful than any other pastor who starts his own church.

    Rutherford was downright evil.

    As for doctrine, could someone clear up my understanding about who Russell believed got resurrected to where? I am thinking he taught that Christians who die all go to heaven, that 144K of them would rule as kings and priests and that the rest would just party as angels/spirits. The earthly resurrection was for those who lived before Christ and others who were non-Christian. Is that correct?

  • lovelylil


    Russell did teach that All christians go to heaven, 144,000 to rule as kings and priests aka the "high calling", and the rest are in heaven as the Great Crowd of Revelation. He allowed all christians to partake at the memorial. According to Russell's divine plan book, 99.9% of mankind would be saved thru Christ's ransom and live in the paradise on earth. He felt Jehovah God would open people's spiritual eyes at the end and remove all obstacles to their belief in God. A much more loving plan then the WT of today which saves only Jehovah's Witnesses, (maybe, that is if they do enough WT works) and kills off the other 99.9% of humankind.

    I agree with you, Russell was wacky but not evil. Rutherford was definately evil, a sociopath I am sure.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I grew up with Rusell's writings. Altho I was only a kid, the occult symbols, cross, and crazier predictions than the Wt scared me greatly. The account of his death is over the top.

    Why can't people read their own Bibles? Did Russell have phenomenal reading comprehension that everyone should follow him? The tone is absolutely sickening. I will subtract some sickening points b/c it was a different time than now. Maybe everyone was spooky back then. The WT is a semblance of a well ordered mind compared to Russell's writings.

    Anyone can threaten to sue anyone! Let us see the official complaint filed with the correct court.

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