Jehovah's Witnesses and The Worldwide Church of God

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  • AwareBeing

    Thanks' again JJ!

    Here's a brief on the article:

    Opening; “Recently, a lot of current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses have increased their calls for reform in the governing body of it’s Watchtower and Tract corporations.”

    Similarities; “Armstrong had been successful in the advertising business and stated: “It was a training such as one could never receive in any university or theological seminary.” His long solitary studies in the scriptures (not the Bible Student’s book) gave him the idea that ”legalism” was it’s interpretation. Herbert also read Seventh Day Adventist literature, circulated “The Plain Truth” magazine, ran “The World Tomorrow” TV program, and founded ”The Ambassador College.””

    Closing; “Splits are bad for all parties; but for victims of cultic abuse, it’s a major advent for change. It will create a better church, many [more] of them and allot of confusion for the faithful. They will have more options and be freer. Yet these babbling groups will still be parts of false religion, all be it even more confused then ever!” -AwareBeing

    PS: JW Struggle is a thoughtful, spiritual, non-combatant site.

  • Palimpsest

    Both the Witnesses and the Church of God are Adventists, so of course there's going to be doctrinal overlap. As much as Witnesses deny it, there's nothing all that special about their teachings.

    Same goes for Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventists. They both formed out of a schism from the original Millerite Adventists, so there's far more in common between the two than different. That's why the SDAs so aggressively recruit JWs, because it's a relatively easy transition to make and they know it.

    Nothing bothers the WTBTS more than reminding them that they're just run-of-the-mill half-Protestant throwbacks and just as much a part of "Christendom" than anyone else. There's nothing original about their roots. They're downright boring theologically.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When Regis Philbin first moved to NY, he had a local show that had more character than the national Disney production. One day some dissident JWs were on air, fresh from picketing Bethel. This is not normal TV. I telephoned the producer and asked for the man's phone number so I could get help with my JW problems. It was called Fundamentalists Anonymous. When I explained my serious problems to the man, he said I was so far out of the Witnesses and that my issues were trivial. He said he was performing suicide watches with former Witnesses and Armstrong members.

    Armstrong's ads give me the creeps. Yet my family was in since Russell times. As a young girl, I saw occult symbols and crosses that had me running in fright and tears to my mom.

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