Jehovah's Witnesses and The Worldwide Church of God

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  • JWStruggle

    I recently posted an article on my blog that tapped into a comment made to me by an awake Witness about The Worldwide Church of God. It discussed some questions that have been on a lot minds among the awake JWs and Ex-JWs lately. Questions adressed are:

    • Could reform come after some critical mass is reached, or when the leadership ages and younger ones take their place?

    • Will the WTO ever make an apology such as the WCG did?

    While the answers are likely in the negative, that by itself does not have to be the point. The fact that it HAS happened within a large movement in recent years does. Also, the parallels in teaching between the groups is quite revealing- I certainly didn't know that the two groups had so many doctrinal beliefs in common.

    The link is below:

    As always, your thoughts are appreciated.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Changing doctrine so radically was like throwing a hand granade into the Congregation......not much left now of the "World wide" church of God.

  • Bella15

    gosh, I don't think the WCG and others have blood in its hands like the Watchtower Corporation for its blood doctrine ... it is a HUGE liability for them right now ... also sex abuse coverage ... at least here in the USA this type of lawsuits would really really damage it ... for this reason they will never put anything in writing as recanting their doctrines like the WCG, TBN, P.Robertson, etc., have done in the past.

  • sd-7

    Any admission of guilt or wrongdoing would be against their very nature. You can't claim to be faithful and discreet if you do that.


  • LV101

    Bella15: liability is "HUGE" right now because of blood doctrine/sex abuse??? haven't heard too much lately but realize they settle out of court w/gag orders on the victims. apparently, not HUGE enough to make a dent, unfortunately.

    i'd love to see a group of attys. advertisement on TV about representing vics of the sex abuse and the blood deaths. maybe law professors should be contacted to get the ball rolling. it's called FEAR of the witnesses to come forward and seek legal counsel. there needs to be billboards --- the power of suggestion.

  • blondie

    Only part of the WWCOG split off. Quite a few stayed with the original organization and retained the old beliefs. I do believe Robert Meredith heads up that part.

  • JWStruggle

    The apology that was made seemed so sincere, but many did not want to change and make that a large a leap. I found a number of WCG websites when researching the topic that continue to defend H. Armstrong and his teachings, as so many do to this day with C.T. Russell.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Could reform come after some critical mass is reached, or when the leadership ages and younger ones take their place?

    Leadership HAS aged and younger ones HAVE taken their place. Not one GB member from Ray Franz's time is still alive. The OLDEST GB member was appointed to the body in 1994. This IS the new regime.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. . . only stupider.

  • designs

    If you think David Splane is any less crackers than Fred Franz think again...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    But Franz was a sort of savant genius even though he was a certifiable loon. Splane's just another aging Dub, captive to a concept.

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