A Little Light Relief...

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  • ohiocowboy

    I enjoyed reading your "Postcard" from your vacation. You do have a talent for writing! A bound collection of all your experiences would be a neat legacy to leave to other family members, children etc. Perhaps other family members can then add their own stories to be passed along through the future generations!


    N.drew As it happens I do write books in my spare time. The last two are non-fiction both available on line at www.Lulu.com under my name Trevor Willis. They make some money but I have not promoted them enough due to other calls on my time. Holidays being one of them. My latest book is a satirical fiction book based on my life as a Jehovah's Witness. It will be put out there once it has been proof-read. I have thought about posting a few pages on this forum but held back so far. And yes! Esther did feed the mouse and I know better than to interfere.

    ohiocowboy Glad you liked it. An ever expanding volume of my r amblings which others can add to is a neat idea.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    postcard from snowdonia would be a great title for a book. Is that really the name of the town? It sounds a little cold and I don't like to be really cold nor do i like alot of snow.

    I like to read about people in cold places I just don't want to be them brisk is ok bitter is not.

  • tec

    I love your wife ;) I love the way your writing shows her.



  • PSacramento

    Behind every good man, is a good woman...holding a frying pan and it ain't for frying !

  • Glander

    Glad, Enjoyed your sketch. Good writing!

    Sort of reminded me of 'Kingdom by the Sea' by Paul Theroux.

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