Which songs/Albums were considered "Demonic" in your Congregation...did you toss some?

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  • JustThatGirl007

    They mentioned the band Incubus by name at a circuit assembly. Apparently an incubus is a bad thing...

    ROFL! My dad had once been involved in black magic and related... he pretended to be slightly horrified by the band, as well. I couldn't tell by your comment whether you knew what an incubus was, so I took the liberty of wiki'ing it:

    An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. Its female counterpart is the succubus.

    I don't believe in demons and satan and god, so, whatever. you know? I find it quite amusiing that the band was specifically named at your CA. lol

  • NewChapter

    I was a REALLY bad Witness in this area. I never threw away any of my music. For that matter, when the dubs would get all worked up and breathless about some performer or another, I would smile and nod to help me not roll my eyes. I don't know why I didn't jump on the bandwagon---I was careful about the movies I watched---

    But I should have taken the warnings SERIOUSLY---afterall---look what happened to me! I'm a freaking APOSTATE.

    Muah haw haw


  • smartin0272

    Well, first of all let me introduce myself. I'm an ex JW from Mexico, and I've read your posts for some time now, but this "music" topic really caught my attention, and I couldn't help but add a comment to it. I hope you have as much fun as I have for years already.

    In Mexico in the mid 80's all English spoken music was frowned upon because there was no way to be certain of the meaning of the lyrics. In that time not many people spoke English, and the ones that spoke it, weren't much into the slang or United States culture. My sister and I used to listen to a couple of AM radio stations in Mexico City: "Radio Capital" and "La Pantera", which played pop and soft rock music. I remember my mother freacking out when she listened to songs like "Come on feel the noise" from Quiet Riot because of the high pitched voice. Anything that had any screech or squeak from an electric guitar was yelled at and call "satanic". I couldn't really blame them about that. My father used to listen to Chuck Mangione and my mother to Camilo Sesto. My father was a manager for Polygram records in Mexico (learnt the "truth" after getting his degree, lucky him) and he usually got all the new releases from the brand. If you know something about that European brand (Polygram, Deusche Grammophon, Phillips, Mercury, etc), you might remember it featured many European and United States' hard rock bands. All of it usually went to the garbage without a glimpse. But specifically in the congregation it was well known about Michael Jackson being an ex JW, Abracadabra (the title means exactly the same in Spanish), the Ghostbusters, including the movie of course, but noone fuzzed about the Beatles, though...

    I almost never had problems related to the music I hear. My sister did, but for other reasons. In Spanish there were a lot of duos about that time, couples singing "immoral" songs (sometimes they were indeed immoral), and my father was always judging (an elder after all) and hunting our music. It was amusing how a phrase in a song stood in his mind for literally decades! The song went "que me perdone tu seƱora" (may your wife forgive me), and whenever he wanted to point at how the music was immoral in this time, always quoted this phrase (he even used the phrase in some of his speeches!) My grandma always said that KISS meant "Caballeros al Servicio de Satanas" "Knights in Satan's Service".

    I apologize for my bad English, I hope you understand my post. Ah, and by the way, I'd love to find some ex JW in Montreal area since I'm living here, either in spanish, English or French.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Can you imagine Pete Townshend talking with the elders about My Generation? There are drug overtones. They don't realize that there can be several meanings or levels at the same time. Well, Roger Daltrey is still performing My Generation (came to my town last month) so I don't think it was a suicide wish. Would not a suicide wish show someone that life with Jehovah is meaningless?

  • erbie

    The Kingdom Melodies were generally considered a definite no-no and of demonic origin.

  • undercover

    I'm guilty of purging my collection one time after a rather damning talk on "debasing music" at a circuit assembly.

    But in the long run, it just cleared out space for the new CD format that was taking over at the time. Most of what I threw away, I bought again on CD. I do wish I had a couple of the original vinyls back. Probably collecters items now on a couple of em.

    The earliest example of censorship run amuck in the congregation that I can remember was over "Puff the Magic Dragon". After the song became popular and as the cultural revolution started, it became rumored that the song was about drugs - since debunked but hey, not knowing the facts about something has never stopped a JW from jumping in with both feet - and so it went from a simple little song about a boy and his dragon to this sinister plot to make us kids smoke pot. It therefore was no longer acceptable to listen to or own. I remember my mother taking my 45 copy of it and putting it away somewhere where I couldn't get to it.

    In all fairness, it wasn't just JWs that went bonkers over this shit. Most fundies and squares did the same thing during the 60s. Remember Lennon's comments about being more popular than Jesus? The born-agains went nuts. They staged Beatle record burning parties and denounced them as the anti-Christ. It was the stupiest thing. Just because a pop star made a (rather truthful) observation.

  • WontLeave

    Being raised by sociopaths who were coincidentally on-again off-again sort-of JWs, I wasn't allowed to listen to anything.

    ...or do anything.

    ...or go anywhere.

    ...at all.


    For years, the wolves who raised me self-righteously had no TV in the house. They were isolationists who wouldn't even allow association with JWs, much less anyone else. And school was out of the question. Home-"taught" (as if they ever did anything remotely close to educate) in Hell by abusive control freaks, so I could be scrutinized every second of every day. Basically, my childhood was an 18-year sentence to solitary confinement, punctuated by random and arbitrary beatings. It took a long time to even begin fixing the damage done. Probably a lot of the isolationism was to keep child services from hearing and asking about the ever-prevalent bruises, welts, and facial swelling.

    Not that any elders would ever tell, so a few meetings a year didn't hurt anything. I gave the JWs a pass because they hated my parents, too. Little did I know it was likely over their spotty attendance and had nothing to do with the fact they torture children. So, decades later I became one. I'd absolved them of responsibility only to discover later they were at fault and had skeletons in the closet I didn't even know about as a kid.

    Personally, I don't believe "worldly" or "Christian" have anything to do with the micro-managing rules. I don't believe the people who make the rules or the elders, parents, or busybodies who obsess over the rules give a pile of dingo's kidneys about right/wrong, moral/immoral, Christian/unchristian. They really just want to be bossy little Pharisees, because they're losers and psychopaths. The 7 old farts in NY are just sociopaths on a power trip and the attitude trickles down and attracts other sociopaths who are too cowardly to be serial killers, so they join a religion that allows and encourages child abuse and emotional and psychological imprisonment and torture. Where else can you be praised for beating a toddler with a hairbrush in a public place for squirming after sitting in a chair for 2 hours?

    ...but I'm not bitter.

  • Bells

    This subject irritates me: I once had a friend who grew up as a Witness, though wasn't baptised and then stopped attending meetings etc. We were only about 18 (I was never a Witness). Anyway, I used to play a lot of TOOL and similar and this friend took a real interest, he really liked the music. Anyway, I gave him a couple of Tool and A Perfect Circle cd's, which he was stoked about.

    Fast forward 6 months, he starts going back to meetings, meets a good JW girl and they get engaged. As he is getting ready to be baptised, she talks to him about the demonic Tool cd's - as they have some Tarot symbols or something, and would not make Jehovah happy. That's fine - but what does he do - give them back to me? Of course not, he smashes them apart and tells me about it later!!! I was speechless. How he treated me in this situation in order to please Jehovah surely goes against Christian principles!? That was years ago, and I'm still a little bit pi$$ed! :)

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