For Obves: It's the 29th of September, and we are still here.

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  • PSacramento

    LMAO !!!

    He doesn't skip a beat people !!


    Who will be still here forever is what finally counts and you need to examine my posts why September 29 ,2011 stood so important in calculations and what is the next date to consider seriously .

    The next date is October 21 ,2011 AD .

    I wrote before September 29 about October 21 and November 13 ,2011 AD.

    I wrote about 2012 AD and I even wrote about 2034 AD.

    I plotted the whole line of the endtime predictions if there is a need to come up with the next one .

  • leavingwt
  • techdotcom

    Actually Obves is correct, except I have a secret calculation that has determined the REAL day the world ends is approx on Wed + or - 3 days. 100%

    Obves your calculations are good but they are only 100% correct 0% of the time.

  • sir82

    If nothing else, ya gotta admire the guy's tenacity.

    Lesser mortals would crawl under a rock from embarrassment, but good ol' Obves just picks out a half dozen "backup dates" that cover him for more the next 2+ decades.

  • mankkeli

    This OBVES may be having mental issues, JWs article on "mentally diseased" proves true here, early diagnosis is advisable.

  • poppers

    I plotted the whole line of the endtime predictions if there is a need to come up with the next one .

    I'll give you this, OBVES, nobody covers their ass like you. You must be so pleased with yourself.

  • kurtbethel

    X day was on July 5, 1998.

    It might not have happened for these reasons.

    - The year 1998 was upside down and it will really be in 8661.

    - 1998 was not really 1998 because the calender was tampered with. The real 1998 could be just about any year now.

    - It happened, but Earth and Mars were secretly switched so it happened on Mars instead.

    sex goddess alienKirk farted

  • HintOfLime

    Blue/green chicks will always have a special place in myy heart. :P

    - Lime

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Get help Obves.

    while there is still time...


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