Dub snubbed by my two best JW friends! :(

by TimothyT 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Know what I like? I like that you put the on the "Dub snubbed" subject line. Good for you. Sad for them.

    If they don't manage to discover the truth, they have another 60 years or more of broken Watchtower promises to live through, then they'll die bitter and still hoping for whatever the noo lite promise is at that time.

    You, on the other hand, have another 60 years or more of freedom.


  • TimothyT

    Sizemilk: I dont see why i should bring myself down to their level. Plus, Id rather be the Christlike one and show kindness, decency and respect. :)

    Broken Promises: HAHA! I hope gayness is infectious! :) I love being gay because im happy. :)

    Yan Bibiyan: Haha... in some ways id like to, but i dont think i could do that, even if they treated me like this.

    Mind Blown: Yeah... i thought that may have had something to do with it. Interesting though, another of my JW friends has gotten even closer to me since Sunday! :)

    Pams Girl: Yes... i hope they realise soon that this is from men and not from Jesus.

    Nomad Soul: Haha... there are about 18,000 houses, but i knew i was working accross the road from a JW! Dub snub was therefore very possible! :)

    Witness 007: How did someone on here put it... they acknowledge Jesus is there but they cant see him, and they treat you as invisible although they can see you. HAHA!!! I like the bike idea... but i couldnt do that.

    Desirous of Change: Yes i agree... i hope that if im respectful to them then in the future they may just say, "OH SCREW THIS... IM CALLING TIM!" In which case i will be more than happy to hear how they are. I understand the whole public thing too. Some would rather not speak to me in public and i appreciate that.

    Bella15: Yeh... i know exactly what you mean, and you are right too. They were never my friends because a friend by defintion would not treat his friend this way. Brainwashed to a destructive extent.

    Mad Sweeney: It realy doesnt bother me at all... I have such good friends in my life and im more than happy. Their actions today only continue to show me how ridulous they all are, rather than encouraging me to go back. You are right too... I dont want them to be sad and bitter, but if they continue then i assume they could risk living sad lives... and neither of them are spiritual per se. I can see both giving it up for one reason or another. Until then, ill focus on my business and continue living my happy, spiritual, pressure free gay life! :):):)

  • stillstuckcruz

    Good job Timothy! It funny how they feel pity for you as if YOU are the one who is miserable without them and the organization. When, in reality, it is vice versa. I can see this first hand in my own hall. "Bad" association runs rampant in our hall(and admittedly there are a few), and then you have the couple of "good" ones who are really great and nice people, but have no freinds or dont hang out with anyone because all the other young people are "bad". So they are forced to "widen out" and associate only with the older ones. They will get old VERRRY quickly. Have a happy life Timmy! I envy you :-P

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