Sky News emailed about UK charitable status

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  • MissingLink
  • ekruks

    Great email.

    The Bible courses are viewed as charity as they help people with their lives; get them of drugs, etc., by dealing them the 'opium of the masses' instead. Also, they can refer to things such as disaster relief when their are storms, etc..

  • MissingLink

    If you get a chance to follow up, I think the Nov 2011 Wt that says apostates should be killed is more damning than the mentally diseased slur.

  • cedars

    Thanks MissingLink. Unfortunately the "apostates must die" comment in the November 2011 Watchtower was a quote taken from a book, so the moment the journalist calls the Society they can simply say "we were only quoting somebody else's book, why don't you contact the author and give him a hard time instead?" Also, the 'practical application' paragraph at the end of the subheading dilutes the hate message somewhat.

    I never heard anything back from Sky News, which is disappointing because I've been monitoring the news over the last couple of days and they've been reporting on some really trivial stuff, an example being some guy who goes around schools with a powerpoint presentation and lectures teenagers on the airbrushing of fashion photos. What??!!

    I haven't given up on getting a news team to investigate the charitable status of the Society, but I will need to be a bit more creative! Watch this space!


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I thought that very same thing Ceders, last week on Radio 2. At 12, Jeremy Vine does a 2 hr slot. Now most of it is very interesting, but the past few days were trivial and a bore (IMO).....suddenly, in the middle of my kitchen mid-washing up, my eyes glazed over as i played a story out regarding the "mentally diseased" slur...(in my head obviously)..I got all warm and snuggly , had a ridiculous half smile, revire only to be broken when I realised Id been drying the same cup for over 10 mins.

    Oh, just imagine Jeremy Vine getting hold of it, hes like a dog with an overbite with some subjects.......

    Keep at em Ceders, youre doing a great job. x

    Paula x

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Sky news appear to be too busy with their wall to wall coverage of the Conrad Murray trial.

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