Sky News emailed about UK charitable status

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  • Bella15

    Yeap New Chapter ... JWs as well as other "charitable" organizations should PROVE that they are in fact "charitable" organizations. With all the USA budget deficit, the government should look into all the SALES TAX they are loosing from so called "charitable" organizations that sell stuff and this is not only for JWs but any organization hiding under the "IRS" section 501(c)(3) umbrella.

  • discreetslave

    Much Luv Cedars!!!!! Thank You!!!!

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Another Ace well played Ceders! Have a drink on me, you deserve it!

    (I thought you were having a break? Hope you get some rest at least)

    Paula x

  • cedars

    Thanks Paula - I've decided to stick around for a bit - if only in a slightly different capacity! I've explained more on that other thread!

    I am enjoying my drink as we speak. How did yo know I liked beer?!!


  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Regarding public benefit, a comment on a thread a few years back may be relevant: "The Charities Act does not define what is meant by ‘public benefit’; that remains governed by the existing law, which is based on decisions which have been made by the courts and the Charity Commission over theyears. But the Act does remove the presumption that currently exists in charity law that organisations relieving poverty or advancing education or religion benefit the public. This means that, in future, all charities will have to demonstrate that their purposes benefit the public. Again from my reading of this itwon't be too onerous for the WTS to frame a public benefit statement that will keep the CC happy. For example the guidance on 'who are the public?' can be found further down on the same web page. To cut a long story short active JW's can be viewed as 'the public' as they represent a cross-section of society. I think the most promising angle is in the anti-discrimination legislation. This would clearly be more persuasive if a case was brought by somebody within the WTS currently in good standing. What we need is a sister with lesbian tendencies demanding to be made an elder. Any volunteers? It is a charity after all :-) I think that as many as possible that can register their personal story of shunning, blood issue, child abuse etc the better. I will be doing this"

  • oldlightnewshite

    I have emailed a complaint to the UK Charities Commission, basically challenging them to supply a single instance where the WT society acted like a charity. I told them that all money raised was used to print 'cultish drivel' and was not used to help anyone in any way.

    C'mon chaps, let's all make our voice heard.

  • ziddina

    Sic' 'em, Cedars and OldLiteNewShite!!

    GOOD for you!!

    Btw, Cedars, I'm sending you a PM...


  • LV101

    Thank you, once again, Cedars.

  • Devil_Fish

    I have to ask the good questions. Here is a good one:

    What exactly do the JW's do that is "Charitable" and of benafit to the comunity?

    Food bank? no

    Bingo night? no

    build parks? no

    after school day care? no

    Can some one help me out here?


  • Gayle

    wow, Cedars,,that was very clear and pointed how the WTS is coming up in the charity output, as it is destructive to family life, one of the primary necessities of community. Thx.

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