What Does The Watchtower Society Do With All Their Money???

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  • minimus

    We know that the WBTS owns a huge amount of real estate. They are selling properties in Brooklyn and they are immersed in money. Plus, they are always mentioning how easy it is to pay them cash or with checks or credit cards and even debit! And if you die, they make it simple for you to leave them EVERYTHING you own.

    Soooo, what do they do with all the ca$h? We all know the End is right around the corner, so what's the big plan????

  • NomadSoul

    Make it rain?

  • minimus

    They ain't givin' it away either.

  • journey-on

    There is a family or families somewhere enjoying the benefits. We don't know their name/names. We don't know where they live. They are not members of the GB or anybody whose name you would openly be able to connect to the WTS. The connection/s is hidden, the accounts secret, and nobody is allowed to audit or question anything less they bring down the wrath of Jehovah and sully the organization (a huge sin). This is my gut feeling based on logic and reasoning and my own opinion.

    Think about it. They don't contribute to charity, build hospitals, feed the poor masses, build schools (legitimate ones....not the fake ones they label as Educational Facility where they hold brainwashing sessions for the elders occasionally).

    Oh, and haven't they recently built a gigantic swimming pool and country club type facility?

  • N.drew

    The volunteers who where dismissed, they had no compensation to start a new life? Anybody know?

  • factfinder

    I see nothing wrong with the recreation building and pool they will be building at Wallkill Bethel

    The brothers there work full time as volunteers. How many who complain about the recreation building would work full time for about $100.00 per month?

    They should be compensated in some small way-so I think they deserve to have the pool and sports building. I don't have a pool-but I don't care. I don't work for over 40 hours a week for free like they do. The stipend must cover their travel expenses to and from meetings and Fs, their clothes and and anything else they may want to buy, or if they want to go out to see a movie or out to eat sometimes.

    There is no "Country Club." I am surprised and dismayed at how innacurate depictions of what the society is building gets spread around and how people are quick to criticize. There is nothing wrong with providing a pool and some recreational facilities for the brothers who work for free at Bethel. Its the least the society can do for them.

  • minimus

    so, what are they doing with the cash and assets? And WHY do they care to continue getting money if no person really benefits? Remember, "they will throw their money into the streets".

  • Bella15

    Right on JOURNEY-ON!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I've always wondered, because I don't see extravegant lifestyles, and I also see alot of volunteers dismissed without a retirement fund. Where it goes? no one knows

  • paladin

    Maybe the WT$ is investing their loot in the stock market

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