What do you make of THIS?

by TimothyT 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fernando

    Having been in the Watchtower cult it seems is both a blessing and a curse. Those that have been really intimate with the "bad news" (religion) are astounded by the graphic contrast with the "good news" about Jesus. This creates the opportunity for an insanely vibrant spirituality that few others can achieve or understand. You might enjoy the book "Waking the dead" by John Eldredge. I also feel a strong sense of having gone from spiritual death to spiritual life. Much better as you say.

  • discreetslave

    This is what lead me out. JEhovah & organization is the mantra where is Christ. They are Antichrists in Christian clothing.

  • dogon

    How can you be anti something that does not exist? Jesus is a myth and if he existed he was just a man who wanted to make a religion to keep from pounding nails, born to a woman who was screwing around and thought that telling her husband that god did it was better than telling him schekbin the stable boy knocked her up. And now we are fighting wars because some whore could not keep her legs togeather.

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