The Independant Article is On-line

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  • slimboyfat

    Does anyone know if this is in the print edition today or tomorrow? If so I want to get a copy.

  • finallysomepride

    Thanks guys, you have all made a fantastic effort I will comment on site in the morning, just got home from work.


  • Amha·’aret


    I have a copy here and it's dated today so go get your copy - on sale now!

  • wobble

    SBF, page 19 in today's (27th) paper.

    I have already sent a letter to the Ed for the letters page,([email protected]) pointing out the lies of Rick Fenton for the WT, I politely called them half truths.

  • nugget

    I think that that is the next step, letters to the editor and keep the story alive. JWs are following the predicted pattern, respect for the bible and also the idea that people have a choice. JWs posting comments have followed the standard tactic of vilifying the apostates further. It shows that they are ignorant of their own rules and restrictions and that the article causes them to hate those that left in a very real way.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Posting responses to the h8rs as I have time.

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