Tough Question: Should "I" still party with JWs?

by lil.lady.03 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • lil.lady.03

    darth forsty: hmm... food for thought. Esp. your 2nd point. I never felt guilty when I was active and I talked to DF folks or inactive folks. (call it a soft spot. I thought I was showing them I was different and cared about them, not thier standing. That still was a bs move to make when I think about it now. Because hopefully they would see they needed to be back in the org.)

    But not everyone feels the same.

    I just read some post about the new article about being mentally diseased. What a joke, but I understand the "mental pressure" JWs go though when they think they are being disloyal, although really they're just being human. SMH!

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