What do they get out of this?

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  • MisfitMeL

    Maybe this has been discussed before but I'm starting to wonder why it is so important for WTS to keep such a tight control over its members?

    Is it because the GB and other folk in upper management are so delusional and psychotic, that they believe in the rubbish they spout?

    Or is someone somewhere getting something (financially) out of this?

    Where does the money trail lead? JWs the world over put their hard earned money into contribution boxes but any amount not used locally are sent to HQ right? Considering how cheap printing publications are and the virtually free manual labour, where does the rest of the money go? The GB? The lawyers?

    The main mantra is don't educate yourself, stay dumb and stay loyal. And paranoid. But how does this translate into a tangible gain to the WTS?

    I think I'm starting to sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist lol

    Or maybe it's getting pretty late and I should tuck myself into bed

  • N.drew

    I think it's love, though I do love your point of view MisFitMeL

    I have never been to Scotland, but I think I love it, or would!

    Admitting mistakes is so hard for most people. It is for everybody

    I have ever met actually. So to keep up the deception is love at it's worst.

    Each party, the leaders and the followers, is protecting the other.

    Mis-leading and being mis-led. Both parties are mis-led and both parties

    are mis-leading. Like a circle dance (I just now thought that up).

  • MisfitMeL

    Thanks for the answer N.Drew! It is very sad but makes sense. I guess there isn't really a single person or group to point the finger at. After over a century the lines are all blurred. :(

    P.S. Scotland is lovely! You should visit it if you can :)

  • talesin

    The main mantra is don't educate yourself, stay dumb and stay loyal. And paranoid. But how does this translate into a tangible gain to the WTS?

    This ensures that their money base stays intact. An uneducated cult member, is one who is much less likely to leave. Remember that, above all, it is a corporation.


    (PS... I'm from New Scotland ... one of the few other places in the world where heather grows wild ... if you come visit, we will give you ceud mìle fàilte)

  • inbetween

    Thats a good question, actually even an important one. Once discussing with a rather open minded friend some issues in the org, that bothered me. He actually agreed on many things, but he mentioned, that the difference to other religions (cults or whatever) our leaders do net get rich.

    Technically he is right, if they would have lots of wealth, surely somebody in our age of information would have exposed it.

    So whats the real reason ? Power ? Not riches but financial security ? or as Ray Franz said, are they just captives of a concept ?

    It could easily be, I also, as an elder, believed once, I was chosen by God directly...so maybe they really believe it themselves...

    I´m not sure, if they are deceivers, I rather think, they are experts in applying cognitive dissonance...

  • inbetween

    btw: I love scotland

  • MisfitMeL

    Thanks for the invite talesin! I'm not scottish even though I've lived here for a few years, so I have no idea what ceud mìle fàilte would mean.... actually come to think of it...most non-gaelic speaking scots wouldn't know either lol

    inbetween - Yup, the cognitive dissonance sure seems to have a strong hold on them!

  • DesirousOfChange

    What do they get out of this?

    I really think their formost motive is still sincerity. THEY BELIEVE!

    Look at the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany by "good" people. THEY BELIEVED!

    BTW -- No offense to people of German heritage. ALL nations teach their soldiers that it is "good" to kill people on the "other side", and they do it. Oh, and the clergy praise them for it. Oh, and JWs do it too, they just call it Disfellowshipping, knowing that God will eventually kill you (they don't want to go to jail).

    In either case, JW or soldier:

    You're fed a steady diet of propaganda and YOU BELIEVE.

    All the other junk food is cut out eventually and YOU BELIEVE WITH CONVICTION!

    You're convinced to do things that you don't really want to do (door to door; 15k trecks with backpacks) because it's for the common good and to support "the cause"; and because it proves YOU BELIEVE; and because it comes from someone with a higher rank (even God) and there will be ramifications if you DON'T do it; (100 pushups or birds eating your eyeballs)

    You're proud when you're tapped on the shoulder and given a "higher rank" (Sgt. or MS) because you've been given commendation, because you've been seen as superior, because YOU have been given a gift -- a new privlege -- by those above (even God); proving that WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT.

    You step up you're pace; you're more motivated; you've seen the personal "blessings" that come from performing at a higher level than your peers

    You're promoted again (Capt Elder); more recognition (from God), more commendation, more PROOF (from God) to BELIEVE that you are doing the right thing; better grade and more propaganda (only for the upper class officers)

    You have higher authority (from God), even having to punish (reprove) a few weak people -- it will ultimately save their lives when they are in combat on the "front lines"; you have to execute a few bad ones even (DF), but you have been given (by God) authority to judge (JC), and YOU BELIEVE YOU DO IT WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS, and it will save a more other innocent lives.

    AND SO IT GOES..............

    It works the same way all the way up through Bethel, Gilead, CO, DO, Branch, and even GB, and eventually HEAVEN (for the finest few). I think they TRULY BELIEVE they've been handpicked through each and every level all the way to the top (still waiting on the Heaven level) and everything they do, every decision they make, thery thought they have IS FROM GOD! Yes, THEY BELIEVE IT!


    And I'd suspect most? or many? would have kept on believing if something or someone hadn't kicked you (or caused you to fall) off of the treadmill.

    Or was it just me?


  • sir82

    Power is an addictive drug. The Governing Body are addicted.

    They're not in it to accumulate wealth - they're in it because they have convinced themselves that they are literally "one in a billion" - out of 7 billion people on the planet, God speaks to just the 7 of them. And they've managed to convince 7 million others of the same.

    The GB have 7 million followers who would literally be willing to die to obey them. They (the GB) are financially secure, travel to exotic locations and stay in first class accomodations. They regularly speak to 10's of thousands of rapt listeners who, after listening attentively for hours, wait for hours more just for the opportunity to touch them, shake their hand, and tell them how wonderful they are. They get special favors from rich JWs - cars, travel, gifts, exquisite food and alcohol. And they control billions of dollars of assets.

    Few power-mad dictators have achieved more, even with violent means.

    In the little imaginary universe they've created, they are the absolute rock stars - and when they die, they think, they get to go to heaven, meet Jesus, and rule the world.

  • Bella15

    After attending a financial seminar where they explain that the best way to hide, well "protect" the money is through charitable organizations, family foundations, etc, I have been wondering which family(ies) is behind the WTCrookporation ------ what things, project, lifestyles, wars, are being funded with money going to Watchtower ... Rutherford was a very clever guy ...

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