Contradictory statement in this weeks WT

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It's these blanket statements that the rank and file follow that really get to me. I just HATE it when I hear that anyone outside of their piddly 1% of the population has no moral values whatsover. Mentally diseased. One statement from the WT article and then all the audiance has their hands up to comment. I've seen people get up and walk out when this happens.

    Does anyone have a scan or link to this article?

  • factfinder

    The issue is still available for pdf download at

    But don't wait-it will be removed soon.

    I was angry at Jehovah for how fast he destroyed Nadab and Abihu. Is that Jehovah's answer to everything-just destroy people? That is a God of love?

  • dark angle
    dark angle

    This is one of the most intriguing WTS i've seen. The conductor ask the audience what can they say on the picture of a certain page, where the parents were crying and the son was leaving the house. Someone commented that the son was leaving the home since the parents commanded him, and that this is accordance to the scripture about quit mixing with a wrong doer, and that the parents were sad about this.Yet they let their son leave thier home.

    However, a certain brother raised his hand and says that the scriptures about shunning is only applicable to the congregation and not to family ties. he said that the application of expellining a minor child from the house will cause more trouble to the child, parents, and the authorities. he said expelling a son in the house hold should only be done on a matured individual, not minor children. I thought that he has some points on these.

    But the conductor didn't agree on these and was a little furious saying that one should comment within the topic of the article. by doing so he tends to imply that a minor should leave the house if he/she was disfellowshiped. hehehehhehe. a lot of commotion and talking insued after the meeting. I held my smile to myself. these people seems to have nut brians, and few can apply a little critical thinking. :)

  • ProdigalSon

    Jehovah never changes. He is the same impetuous and pugnacious prick in the New Testament as he is in the old. Just ask Ananias and Sapphira.

  • AnthonyMorrisXIII

    @oodad The problem with most active JWs is that their Critical Thinking Skills are zero or below!

    Sad but true. I will readily admit that this sums up my JW exitstence. Since I have found INFO via the net, my greatest freedom is the freedom to think.

  • stillstuckcruz

    Im still reading In Search of Christian Freedom by Ray Franz. One of the things he mentions is that those who display any independent thinking or who remain true to themselves do so, not as a RESULT of the organization, but in SPITE of the organization. Very true, I believe. I't sinteresting how many JW's dont necessarily agree on the same points but obviously refuse to speak up or say anything. Or those who THINK they know certain teaching when, in fact, they are confused about it or misinterperet it.

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