Special day Last talk "No formula"

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  • WingCommander

    Wow.......just WOW. Imagine humour and those exact words/wording be used all around at different assemblies to make "light" of the "old understanding" of the 1914 Generational teaching? I am FLOORED. This is a slap to the face of the elderly, long-suffering Witnesses who have lived thru so much. And for those of us who lived thru the 1980's and being scared and told that the generation of 1914 absolutely, possitively, would not die until "The End" came, and that it was SOON, Any Day Now....IMMINENT.....we were so lied to and conned......I am sick, just sick from hearing this. I can hardly believe they would backstep like this, and to top it all off...make it sound "funny" or humourous in order to brush off the "old understanding".

    It's hearing things like this that make me absolutely, 100% certain that I did the right thing by starting my research at age 19 in 1999, and then leaving. The JW's have now totally lost any trust from an entire generation of youth. Who would believe them? What a sack of liars they are.......my entire youth was wasted for a LIE, and these condescending users have the nerve to joke about it as if it were nothing? Cold, heartless, cruel, money-grubbing bastards.

    Truly, these are wolves in sheeps clothing, sent to deceive and mislead the Christian flock, just as Jesus foretold. Amazing that they still proclaim to have the one and only "Truth".

    - Wing Commander

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    and as long as its harmony with the Slave does not equal alright to have your own thoughts.

  • discreetslave

    Welcome mommietiger!!!

    "ok to have our own thoughts on the publications as long as we share it with our immediate family only....and as long as its harmony with the Slave."

    How in the world do they get away with such a stupid, contradictory statements?

  • MrMonroe

    It's OK to have your own thoughts. Just don't say them out loud.

  • ambersun
    He also made us laugh with the comment "We were told the end of the system is right around the corner, but we've found its been more than that, we've been around the blocks a few times."

    Oh how hilariously witty, I wish I had been there to join in the happifying mirth spewing forth from that jovial Bethel boy's mouth, thinking about how my generation back in the late 1960s were told to leave school and wash windows or do menial cleaning jobs to support us as we pioneered our way through the last days of this wicked system.

    We were told as FACT that any college course we started would be a complete waste of time because armageddon would be here before we had a chance to finish it. Those wise words from the GB came in 1969, and oh, isn't it so funny that they got it wrong, tee hee, and my generation are all retiring now with nothing more than a meagre state pension to live off.

    I don't know what makes me more mad, the fact he actually made a joke about this or that there would have been dozens if not hundreds of my generation there (who had also had their lives ruined by the GB) joining in the laughter.

    Words fail me.

  • dozy

    The Bethel speaker was quite entertaining when he joked @ The shortcomings of the elders.

    The day when one of these guys can joke from the platform about the shortcomings of the Governing Body & the organisation (or better still - not joke about it - be serious about it) is the day the Org finally grows up.

  • LongHairGal

    MOMMY T: I am sick reading this and would have been sicker if I was there in person! So there supposedly is "no formula"? Well, that means all that crap about "a day for a year..etc." they drilled into everybody's heads back in the '80s was wrong. Right? Well, why the hell don't they admit they made a mistake? No, they have to play a game of pretend, like it either did not happen or somebody ELSE was mistaken, but not them! Sounds like '1975' almost but without the drama. This is truly a SPIT in the face to all the old timers there. I am so very glad I began my fade 11 years ago. I am just so sorry for everybody!

  • DaCheech

    just look at how many are commenting with new accounts?

    there is definetely an awakening within the (b)org!

  • designs

    Septemmillinnarianism R.I.P.

  • oppostate

    Well, well, well! Wouldn't you know... all the heartfelt, off the cuff, comments by the different, visiting Bethel brothers were actually scripted and delivered in different Special Day Assembly venues!

    What is oh so sad to me is that the elderly ones who are still so loyal are the ones now barely hanging on, being driven to return visits so they can get at least their 15 minutes of field service per month.

    So many elderly one's in the Circuit I'm part of are suffering from Alzheimers and dementia, they couldn't tell you what happened five minutes ago, or just slowing down so much they couldn't care less what just happened five minutes ago, let alone what the keynote discourse by the Bethel speaker for this Assembly day was about. So it went over their heads, and the sad joke was on them, their efforts, their loyalty, their whole exhausted lives in service to a man made organization.

    Sad indeed!

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