The Watchtower slams the Catholics, why not Islam?

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    We don`t Mess with the Muslims..

    Those people are Crazier than JW`s!..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • MrFreeze

    Why would the GB be scared of Muslims? Fear of persecution or death for their followers has never scared them. It's not like the GB would ever be touched.

  • Sapphy

    MrFreeze - there was a rumour on here that 9/11 had spooked the GB into bringing forward plans to leave New York City. - But that was 10 years ago, apparently the celestial chariot is halted by bad property markets etc...

  • extractor

    25% of Americans claim Catholicism as their religion.

    0.5% of Americans claim Islam.

    0.7% of Americans claim JW.

    The GB finds it offensive that the Pope would claim to speak for God since the Bible contains no evidence that God would communicate thru a human-established entity.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Maybe they like the fact that Islam kills their apostates.

  • DaCheech

    if you slam the catholics, you get persecution against the rank and file.

    if you slam islam, the GB will be blown up................ they can!

  • sizemik

    Blondie nailed the reason . . .

    At present and for the foreseeable future Muslims do not provide a fertile groung for prosyletising . . . Christian denominations of which Catholics are by far the largest are easier to harvest.

    The WTB&TS are a BUSINESS . . . they are interested only in expansion and $$$$$.

    Think like a business . . . and all their rhetoric and objectives become clear.

    If the day came when Muslims were able to practice freedom of religion and began converting to Christianity . . . the WTB&TS would be leading the way.

    "Jehovah" would be opening up new fields of opportunity.

  • ProdigalSon

    Well, the Bible makes it pretty clear that Jehoover is really pissed at Christendom in particular (they wear purple and scarlet........but ooooops...... so did the Jewish priests!)

    Muslim falls in to the background of the "rest of Babylon the Great", just a footnote and afterthought.... they didn't accept the Craptower litter-ature so they go poof with the other 2/3 of the world.....

  • erbie

    I have often thought about this and I came to the conclusion that it is because they see themselves as in direct competition with the Catholic Church and view them as enemies but see muslims as potential converts so try to stay on the right side of them. They are also extremely insecure about the Catholic faith because they know it is almost 2,000 years older than the Watchtower cult. Much older than they like to admit. That's my theory anyway.

    This is the way they work and that won't change anytime soon.


    The WBT$ is Officially in Bed with the Muslim Religion..

    From Barb Andersons Thread yesterday..

    This year, the WTBTS and the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses join forces with the Office of Muslim Denomination
    (Bulgarian office) and Human Rights Without Frontiers as partners and conveners to co-present the following program and joint-presentation:


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