Almost de-converted a JW today...

by MoneurMallard 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • MoneurMallard

    Well I have lost my battle with the young woman I was trying to de-convert. (Not sure if de-convert is even a proper euphamism but what the hell)...

    Apparently she has decided to cut me off in communication, labeled me an "apostate" despite the fact that I have never been a Jehovah's Clearinghouse Publisher or baptized into any Christian club for that matter. I did however join the Bear Claws when I was 8 years old if that counts for anything. Not sure how I can be an apostate to something I never subscribed to in the first place.

    I am now the successful recipient of "Shunning" and I get to experience the full gratification of being "unwanted" by their organization. That's a punishment? Seems more like a free gift than a kick in the ass.

    Weird organization you guys belonged to indeed. Quite asinine. Actually, the best term I could use to describe the elders and "brothers" I sat down with when I was letting them in my house was "politely rude"....

    And I think one of them stole my Quill pen. I might need to file a police report against the New Smyrna Beach Florida Kingdom Hall, naming brother Charles Robinson as the suspect in the case. It was either him or the one "brother" with the big mustache. (Forgot his name), but he knows who he is, a major asshole. First class, major asshole...

  • sizemik

    It takes bugger all to set off the "apostate" alarm Moneur . . . they're on a freeken hair-trigger these days. The young woman may well be still living with her parents . . . and got caught.

    It's like living on another planet aint it? . . . having dealings with JW's.

    And a pen-pincher to boot . . it's called a bad day Moneur . . take the free gift and be thanful for something at least.

    She's been assimilated back into the bOrg . . .

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