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  • stillin

    is that not one of the most hellish things performed during the service meetings?

  • watersprout

    I used to hate them! Especially when they asked for a elder to propose it and another to second it! Grrr used to irritate me. I never used to put my hand up, that was me rebelling lol!


  • N.drew

    Voting. Can vote...can't vote. OMgoodness I'm so confused, what to do???????

    Down with resolutions! IT IS AGAINST JW LAW. I voted, that last vote about

    everyone has to think the same at convention, I don't remember if I voted,

    but I sent a letter to the Governing Body. THEY DID NOT RESPOND. Then I knew they

    were not Christians.

    Your question stillin reminds me of the out of world experience I had a few times.

    They would say something from the podium, I would be like huh? and I'd look around

    at all the faces I could see, and think "did they hear what they just said???"

  • jay88

    How often did these resolutions involve a financial commitment?

  • blondie

    Resolutions involved spending money from the congregation funds that weren't already set such as mortgage, utilities, payments to a general money fund for KH repairs (many times shared with one or more congregations). Anything else that is one time (CO expenses) or extensive such as a remodel, has to be presented as a resolution.

    *** km 2/94 p. 2 Question Box *** What procedure should be followed when presenting resolutions to the congregation?

    A resolution is required when a decision must be made about important matters such as purchasing property, remodeling or building a Kingdom Hall, sending special contributions to the Society, or caring for the circuit overseer’s expenses. It is usually best to present a resolution for approval each time congregation funds are dispensed.

    As an exception, the congregation might resolve once to contribute a specific amount each month to the Society in addition to what each individual is contributing toward the worldwide preaching work already. Also, normal Kingdom Hall operating expenses, such as utilities and cleaning supplies, do not require a resolution.

    When a need becomes evident, the body of elders should discuss the matter thoroughly. If the majority are in agreement that something needs to be done, one of the elders, perhaps a member of the Congregation Service Committee, should prepare a written resolution for presentation at the Service Meeting.

    The elder acting as chairman should briefly but clearly explain the need that exists and what the body of elders recommends to care for it. The congregation is then given opportunity to ask pertinent questions. If the matter is complicated, it may be best to delay the vote until the next Service Meeting to give everyone time to think about it. The actual vote is taken by a show of hands.

    Voting on the resolution is limited to dedicated and baptized members of the congregation unless legal requirements direct otherwise, as may be the case when corporation matters or Kingdom Hall loans are involved. It would not be appropriate for visitors from other congregations to participate.

    After the resolution has been approved, it should be dated, signed, and placed in the congregation file.

    (I have understood on this DB that resolutions are no longer used for CO expenses)

  • N.drew

    Sorry I was thinking of the life shaking resolutions at conventions.

    The other kind of kingdom hall stuff, I didn't care one way or another.

  • blondie

    Resolutions at conventions never involve money.

    They are just exercises in aggrandizement....BS in a larger scale.

  • HappyDad

    I remember one elder back in the 1980's who voted no to a resolution about money going for something. He made a valid point that the amount was way more than our "poor" congregation could afford without the rest of us emptying our wallets. He was put down and alway looked at as a trouble maker for not being agreeable. He remained an elder until his death in the late 1990's but the rest of them never trusted. I got along just fine with him until I fled that cong. in 1997.


  • Shador

    This past Thursday, they passed some resolutions at our KH. For the first time ever in my life, I did not raise my hand. It felt good.

  • WTWizard

    I never heard of anyone voting no without retribution. I can remember once when we were voting on a resolution to build a new Kingdumb Hell--which we did not need--and some youngster voted no by turning off the lights. Turns out that we didn't need the building--it was a complete waste of everyone's money and time (which we do not have). As for that youngster, I bet they got spanked good that night for voting no.

    Aside that, I never saw anyone voting no for a resolution. I would abstain--especially when that Kingdumb Hell build came up. They would presume that it was a vote in favor anyways.

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