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    This appeared in 1975; I was 23 at the time. I don't remember this article and if I had been born in 1975 would the 36-year-old I'd be today be motivated for any reason to research it.

    *** w75 11/1 p. 651 Insight on the News ***Insight on the News “Pray Now, Pay Later

    The phrase “pray now, pay later” appeared in a headline of the Philadelphia “Inquirer” in reporting on a church experiment due to go into effect shortly. A group of ten U.S. religions, including some major Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist denominations, have decided to try church collections by credit card. The experiment, sponsored by the National Council of Churches, will encourage participating church members to authorize credit-card transfers of a specified contribution to their church each month. The idea, a Council spokesman says, is that “this will provide the local church with regular income whether or not the local congregation is in attendance,” especially in “off-seasons,” like summer vacation time. The report on the experiment says that those joining the program will be “giving unto business what belongs to business—a profit.” How so? “Participating banks will charge 65 cents a transaction, and the credit card companies will rake off 3 percent of every donation.” Obviously someone benefits, but how much spiritual benefit is the modern churchgoer getting?

    What about this Awake item from 2003. Let's take the position that an 18-year-old might have read it so born in 1985. Would anyone 18 and older remember this?

    *** g03 8/8 p. 29 Watching the World ***Plastic Card Donations

    A growing number of Canadian churches” are adopting “modern banking practices, introducing bank cards and credit cards as convenient ways for parishioners to make collection-plate donations,” says the VancouverSun newspaper. Debit machines have been placed in church halls along with “donation envelopes with options for automatic account withdrawal and credit card payment.” Individuals simply swipe their card, key in the amount they wish to donate, and then put a copy of the receipt in the collection plate. As one pastor stated: “A cashless society is where society is going. Why not the church?” A church treasurer joked: “You get air-miles on your card, plus you go to heaven for donations. Just think of it as double reward points.”

    Is this the reason the WTS is going to cards? Do people fear mugging if they carry cash to the conventions/assemblies/KHs?

    *** g90 6/22 p. 28 Watching the World ***NO


    Customers entering the showrooms of a furniture factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, are met with the sign: “We do not accept cash. Cheques or credit cards only.” According to TheStar, a newspaper in Johannesburg, the owner believes that the handling of cash attracts muggers and robbers, and he has decided to have neither cash in the safe nor money transported to the bank. Thus, all business is done by check or credit card only. The employees also receive their weekly wage by check. “They were uneasy every time a stranger walked in,” says the owner about his employees, “but are now more relaxed since the no-cash policy.”

    So how is it now that the WTS is putting such credit/debit machines in KHs and Assembly Halls and can look jws in the face...of course, new light.

  • darthfader

    Another fine example of revisionist history or should I say ignorationist (I just made that up -) history.

    Thanks Blondie!

  • KingDavidwasframed

    Its new light from Jah that says plastic is the new drachma!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Ah but, in 1975 they thought that the end was nigh so no need to look to new technnology to reap in the cash.

    Am I being cynical there?

  • discreetslave

    A JW said "who really carries cash around anyway. What's wrong with keeping up with the times. Also it can add to safety less cash to carry and worry about." So there it is WT can do no wrong. They crap on it's followers and they believe it's manna from heaven.

  • designs

    Its amazing what's in the Magazines, they get hung by their own words again and again...

    Nice research.


    Good Morning Blondie!..

    The ATM`s haven`t been installed here yet..

    JW`s here don`t believe the WBT$ would ever install ATM`s..

    It would just never happen..End of story..

    JW`s are above that!..

    I`m going to be laughing when they do..

    I know they will do an "about face" and defend the ATM`s..

    JW`s go where the WBT$ Wind blows..



  • 00DAD

    I remember when I joined up in the early '80s the society was also anti-computers. They're pretty into them now!

    Which reminds me of another thread I want to start on the subject of large gatherings ...

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    So much crap has been printed over the years by the "Society" it's probably hard to keep track of everything.

    Kind of like a compulsive liar who gets caught in his own lies because he simply can't remember all the nonsense he's claimed over the years.

  • Violia

    They eventually give up and accept most things. They railed against the TV and the VCR , Cable, Internet chat rooms , discussion boards, etc. Most jws do use or own all of these . I wasn't around for them declaring the telephone to be a tool of Satan, but I bet they did.

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