Another WT Contradiction in December 2011 Awake

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  • talesin

    I remember when I first left, I was seeing a boy whose family was dyed-in-the-wool Catholic. His mom got out all the books, explained to me what they meant by sin, the sacraments, etc. It was quite interesting stuff.

    But, just like the JWS, there was no bible in the room. It was the first time I realized that we, too, only used the Bible as a reference book for our beliefs, and not as the main text.

    I felt like Alice .... things were just getting 'curiouser and curiouser'. My own personal 'light' was growing brighter and brighter.


  • WTWizard

    That's one thing that makes them witlesses. Bashing the Catholic church for doing what you yourself require of your own flock--disregarding the Bible itself. At least you are not going to have your life ruined if you read your own Bible or disagree with one Catholic teaching and still wish to remain in the religion save for one bad doctrine.

  • N.drew

    WTWizard Hi! If you write a book about Watchtower Bible & Tract Society puns, I will buy it.

  • nugget

    The irony is that most churches are happy for you to study the Bible independently and hold your own views. Some encourage debate on scriptures and discussion between members. The watchtower tends to harp on about the historical attrocities of other religion and forgets their recent reforms and changes in policy. Any religion subjected to scrutiny will not do well even the watchtower has to accept that it was not always covered in glory. However whilst most religions have accepted where they have been in error and moved on the watchtower continues to did itself deeper into the mire by failing to admit it has ever been in error.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Love that point, Nugget. I couldn't agree more. The list of ironies related to how the WT positions itself in opposition to every other sect of Christianity is astounding. Sadly, in my case, it has only been from the outside looking in that the heft of that list of ironies really hits home.

    Now if only I could get my JW family to see these things that are right in front of them...

  • thetrueone

    How can the Governing Body continue printing such blatantly contractive statements, ragging on other religions while they enforce

    similar policies in their own religion?

    There is and pretty much has always been a marketing scheme divulged and entwined within the WTS. and its expressed doctrines.

    The self annotation as the organization as being god's only spirit directed organization on earth as just one of the purposed examples.

    This particular self proclamation upholds themselves and their interpretations and understanding of the bible in itself.

    Just about all religions run on a certain amount of information control as they are presented outwardly to the public.

    Since the WTS. established itself on a decisively false premise (1914), its really no wonder that want to curtail people in doing their own

    self reading of the bible, in doing so there is the potentiality of people discovering what the truth really is.

    If you own a religious publishing house circumvented on bible interpretation and meaning would you have it any other way

    ...Think about it ?

  • LongHairGal

    FREE: The JW religion's paranoia about independent study groups stems from incidents in either the late '70s and early '80s when some independent study groups became "apostate" when they discovered too many holes or contradictions in the JW religion's doctrines. Because of these incidents that shook up things in the religion, they strictly want to oversee ANY group meeting or study. The religion cannot withstand critical analysis of ANY sort and must therefore crush it. What does this have to say about them and their doctrines???

  • FreeAtLast1914

    TrueOne and LonghairGal, those are excellent points. I have always (at least since I left the WT) said that questions and discussion are Kryptonite to JWs. Their house of cards simply can't withstand the heft of truth and openness that intelligent debate brings forth.

    On a side note, one of my JW brothers is showing signs of openmindedness when it comes to various double-standard issues. My fingers are crossed that he will eventually see the light!

  • ziddina

    Bumping the thread...

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