Is disfellowshipped Fiance considered "family"

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  • rrb2016

    DesirousOfChange. Thanks! That is the plan. I told her I will do whatever to help her. I'll go with her to every meeting. That way the smell-ders will think that they have a potential prospect. Heck, I might even cut off my goatee for a few weeks just for to add to the drama.

    I haven't been around the halls for about 30 years, but I imagine she will just have to go to all the meetings. No one can talk to her so we just show up at first song and leave promptly. Highlight the Watchtower really brightly. What else do you recommend? This is going to be torture, but so she can see her son and help with my Mother, we are willing to do it.

  • wannabefree

    She will have to make all of the meetings, her literature must be studied, since she disassociated, I think you are looking at the year or more scenario. It will largely be influenced by input from the elders of the congregation she disassociated from.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Since you can associate openly, you will have to bubble over with what a motivating encouragement she is to you. You might even get involved in a Home Bible Study with one of the elders that she has on her new reinstatement committee (actual OLD committee at OLD congo is who has the call on reinstatement), but of course, you would never consider taking the plunge until she could enjoy the celebration too.


  • rrb2016

    She plans on going back to the same congregation to get reinstated that she went to before. Her ex has switched to a different congregation in the same hall. There is only one KH in this town.

    She is not afraid of the humiliation. I have to give her props. She is more courageous than I would be.

  • jamiebowers

    If she gets reinstated, she'll be reinforcing the rightness of the organization in her son's mind. And if she fades after being reinstated, she'll get no help from the elders with her ex trying to keep her son away from her. And your mom very well may be "encouraged" to shun her as well. So how about this?

    How about relying on the law, the only thing that is real in this situation? She can go back to court and request custody or visitation rights to be upheld. In the meantime, you can make it clear to your mother that you and your future wife come as a package deal. If she doesn't like it, she can rely on that elder for more than gardening during her golden years. He can be there for her when she's sick or otherwise unable to take care of herself.

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