Please explain or why God chose this organization to represent him,per JW,s

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  • IsaacJ22

    Magazine articles have been written about this topic. None of them are any better than anything I've seen written elsewhere, however. For what it's worth, I wrote an article at Austin Cline's web site that dealt with one of them. Though that was a long time ago.

    Like many denominations, they claim to pass various "tests" in the Bible. As in, the Bible says the true religion does all these things, and we do them. Of course, they never mention tests they cannot pass. They're the ones cherry picking the details and bending the reality to make it appear as if they pass the tests they cherry picked.

    That ain't hard to do, really.

  • Ding

    I think most JWs have some key "no" issues that convince them the WTS is Jehovah's choice:

    no trinity, no hellfire, no blood, no crosses, no holidays, no war, etc.

  • 00DAD

    It's true that JWs don't believe in hellfire, but the WTBTS's "God will destroy the wicked at Armageddon ..." doctrine is really just another variation of the Hellfire teaching.

    After all, the whole point is to manipulate and control through fear: Death at Armageddon, Burning Forever in Hell ... just another variation on a theme. Hey, whatever works!!!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    According to "God's Kingdom of A Thousand Years Has Approached" it was because they were teaching truth (relative to the teachings of Christendom) during 1918-1919 when Jesus came to earth to inspect all religions that claimed to be Christian. And if you go to and download, "The Finished Mystery" which was the ONLY book published by the WT during this period and was being studied as a series of concurrent Watchtower articles, too, you will see the kind of "truth" the Borg was teaching at the time.

  • ScenicViewer

    Help needed.

    I went to to download The Finished Mystery. Cound not figure out how to do it. Can you give simple instructions?

    Do I need to join that site, or can I download as an anonymous user?

  • Sayswho

    W08 1/15p24: Counted Worthy to Be Guided to Fountains of Waters of Life

    “The Lamb . . . will shepherd them, and will guide them to fountains of waters of life.”—REV. 7:17.
    GOD’S WORD identifies anointed Christians who are caring for Christ’s interests on earth as “the faithful and discreet slave.” When Christ inspected the “slave” in 1918, he found those anointed ones on earth to be faithful in providing spiritual “food at the proper time.” Hence, Jesus, the Master, was pleased thereafter to appoint them “over all his belongings. (Read Matthew 24:45-47.) In this way, before receiving a heavenly inheritance, anointed ones serve other worshippers of Jehovah here on earth.

    (highlights mine)


  • Ding

    When you point out to a JW that what the WTS was teaching in 1918-1919 was completely wrong (by current WT understanding of truth), all they say is "the light has gotten brighter since then."

    By this logic, ANY organization could have been chosen as the faithful and discreet slave organization regardless of what they taught or did so long as they were open to change.

    In fact, the more open minded they were, the better, because the easier it would be for Jehovah to get them to correct their errors.

    Was Joseph Rutherford known for his open-mindedness and his willingness to change when someone showed him his errors?

    Leaving personalities aside, since the GB admits to being fallible, how do we know that the many changes the WTS has made over these years have been changes toward truth rather than away from it?

    What is to stop the GB from concluding that everything they taught before today is wrong and that the light just got brighter?

    It all boils down to blind trust in the fallible men on the GB.

    But we know that Jehovah is guiding the GB.

    How do we know this?

    Because the GB tells us so!

    He is guiding them into truth, even when they are in error!

  • N.drew

    OODAD says " It's true that JWs don't believe in hellfire, but the WTBTS's "God will destroy the wicked at Armageddon ..." doctrine is really just another variation of the Hellfire teaching."

    Yes, that is correct. But WT doctrine is worse really, because hellfire doctrine involved the individual that is sinning.

    But what the Watchtower says will happen is world sinning, whole world destroyed.

  • lostandconfused

    My JW parents reasoning when I ask them this question...

    Me- Why did Jehovah choose this organization to be his if they weren't correct about things when they were supposedly chosen?

    M & D- "Jehovah chose them because they were a group of people searching for truth, the bible talks about about how the light will become brighter, like it has for us today"


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