Please explain or why God chose this organization to represent him,per JW,s

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  • jam

    What reasons was given why Jehovah looked down

    too earth and said, these are the people that is doing

    my will, they are unbalance, sorry mean unblemish.

    They may not get it right for the first 100yrs, but they

    are sincere.

  • dgp

    Actually, NONE. They just say God did that.

  • drewcoul

    My mom's reason is, and I quote, "I know in my heart this is the truth." So there. Proof positive, it is God's organization and directed by Jesus through the Faithful and Discreet Slave represented by the Governing Body.

    Any questions, I'll give you her phone number.

  • Botzwana

    I have no idea why but 12 angry men comes to me about this. The jurors were SO sure the boy was guilty according to the facts but when challenged the facts failed under scrutiny. Same thing with this 1919 stuff. Go ahead and watch 12 angry men. It is quite good.

  • wobble

    The scripture they use is, surprise surprise, from the O.T, if my memory serves me well, it is from the book of Micah, I am in the wrong wing of Wobble Mansion to check the exact ref.

    It is the one about after three and a half years Jehoober sends his Messenger to inspect the Temple. The Temple, if as they say Jesus looked at all chistian religions at the time,1919, must be the whole of Christendom.

    I can't remember how they got that they were measuring from 1914, but the three and a half years took them up to 1919 by some strange math I would have thought.

    Just read the verses for youself, you will see it is a mad interpretation to stretch it to events in the 20th Century.

    Rutherford and gang were chosen because............." of what they were teaching then" "'coz they didn't fight in WW1" and lots of other stuff they come out with i.e "they didn't teach the Trinity"

    All of those points are wrong, apart from not teaching the Trinity. What no JW has ever been able to answer me is, why did Jesus not choose the Christadelphians at the time ? Truly neutral during WW1, Rutherford was busy advertising War Bonds in his magazines, they never have taught the Trinity etc they taught at the time an Earthly hope, Rutherfords Bible Students were more than a decade gettng that bit of light, etc etc

    When confronted with logic and historical facts, JW's just close their minds, and get on with their cult controlled lives, they will not confront the truth.

    The truth is ,as dear Ray Franz wrote "to say that Jesus chose them in 1919 ........... is an insult to Jesus"

  • sizemik

    There is no explanation . . . it's inexplicable.


    Why?..Because the WBT$ said So!..

    If you can`t understand that,Jehovah doesn`t want you!..

    Jehovah loves the Watchtower..

    Jehovah wouldn`t have a Job without the Watchtower..

    "Your doing a good job Jehovah"

    "We won`t Fire you this Week"

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • 00DAD

    He didn't. End of story!

  • designs

    God liked Brooklyn Real Estate and the view of the East River....

  • tenyearsafter

    FDS...Because we said so!

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