In Orange County, California, it is illegal to hold a religious meeting in your home.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If these are the complete facts and the rationale for the regulation, it falls under both the U.S. Const'n and the California Const'n, which may afford stronger rights than the federal constn. Zoning for neutral purposes is allowed if it is rational. The rule is neither rational nor neutral. It strikes at the very core of why this nation was created. I am certain the proponents of the bill do not expect to be upheld. Rather, they will bask in local glory, get votes and funding and scream foul at the court intervention.

    In the United States, cities, towns are low on the totem pole. They only have whatever powers they were given from the state. Home Rule. They cannot pass laws with the same abandon as states or the federal government.

    I do wonder what politician finds it meet to declare three people a church. California law determines what a church is, not a lowly creature of California's largesse. Neutral zoning is allowed. It must be rational. There is no rationale present here, save persecuting religion.

    Someone needs to be recalled.

  • AGuest

    I would disagree, dear BOTR (peace to you!)... that the 3-person limit is what makes these folks a "church". I believe it's the kind of activity being conducted. It does sound a bit irrational; however, that depends, does it not... on the impact to the neighborhood (i.e., traffic, parking, people coming/going)? It makes NO sense that it's simply because a few folks are getting together to read their Bibles. Also, apparently, such issues only arise when someone complains. If there was a complain, there must have been an investigation. So, okay, one neighbor doesn't like it... but the rest are okay with it. That could apply to a XXX movie store ("They're really quiet so they don't bother me; I mean, you really don't even know they're there!").

    I am surprised at how many think this is merely a persecution of religion (surely, even the local government knows they won't get away with THAT!)... versus someone violating a zoning code and trying to hide behind the guise of "freedom of religion." If we are to be SO tolerant of religion... and let it pretty much do whatever it wants, when it wants, WHERE it wants... and perhaps to whom it wants... then virtually everyone here needs to sign off THIS site... and their issues with the WTBTS... once and for all.

    I mean, I'm just sayin'. Either you're for FULL freedom of religion without ANY government "interference," or you recognize that the government has SOME interest when they DO get involved. Whether they're going too far... or not far enough... is up to a court to decide.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • ziddina

    So hold a sewing circle/quilting bee and discuss the bible while they're there...


  • JeffT

    Like I said on the other thread, if this is a zoning issue you can't have a meeting of more than three democrats every Wednesday night without a permit. Or invite four people over every Monday night for football. If they are only targeting religious gatherings it is discriminatory.

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