Two more youths get kicked out of the organization, also kicked out of their house.

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  • Gayle

    Some JWs youth have no stepping stones of freedom, thus they have an "Amish Rumspringa" time, and sadly many get disfellowshipped affecting their family contact. But eventually, many settle down, sometimes eventually have their own children, get overwhelmed and then return back to the WTS. I hope these fellas start going online with Internet and learn all the facts of the WTS. So that they don't go back. The estimate is that about 1/3 DF'd go back and get reinstated eventually.

  • lostandconfused

    I can't believe they got DFed for and my "witness" friends did a lot worse stuff when we were younger, some baptized, some not...but we were good about not getting caught...

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Maybe there's more to the story than they're letting on...

    Either way, they're pretty young to be kicked out of home, especially after being raised in a sheltered JW family atmosphere. I hope they go ok.

  • smiddy

    My two boys have related to me some of the things they and their J W freinds, male & female, got up to when they were teenagers, and we laugh about it now, and I thank my lucky stars I didn`t know about it when I was a die-hard witness.

    My wife and two sons now have nothing to do with this wacky religion which thinks children & teenagers are supposed to act like mature age adults


  • sizemik

    What kid's apart from the genetically brain-dead aren't going to get up to some hijinks at some stage. Even Witness parents should expect it . . . and not recoil in shock and horror when it happens. They're only concerned with how it effects them, their reputation, and their precious organisation.

    So right when Mum and Dad need to show the greatest love, tenacity, patience and insight . . . they're nowhere to be found.

    I hope these boys can really make a success of their lives. They deserve it.

    Yes indeed . . . and to show their absentee parents that they didn't need them anyway.

  • Hadit

    How heartbreaking! Young adults shoved out when parental acceptance, guidance and unconditional love is required. How traumatizing for them. Of course they need alter egos – it’s a defense mechanism for survival. They are running on a program installed by the Watchtower which clashes with their repressed selves.

    Good for you for you for offering your assistance. They need all the support they can get. I hope they find the support and love they need and never go back.

    I truly wish parents would wake up and listen to their hearts when it comes to their children. If they did that the WT would have no hold. The WT knows this and constantly emphasizes not to listen to the heart as it is “treacherous.” They know how to keep people asleep.


  • metatron

    Even if some young Witnesses come back, in what condition do they return? Pregnant? Drug addled? Debt Laden?

    Once again, this sad, sick cult is emphasizing simple numbers over everything else. They get to count warm bodies of publishers who claim to put in hours of magazine peddling. The Watchtower is gathering more weakness and dependency, not strength.

    The Watchtower is little different from its predecessor, the Soviet Union. It endlessly counted tractors, missiles, tanks and its broken, beaten-down population, all to no avail.


  • Emma

    I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but this may be an example of shunning working as a benefit; they will be left alone to figure things out without constant pleading to return. I know it made it easier for me. If my family had been begging and pleading with me to return, it would have been more difficult to make my way out. Shunning is a terrible practice, so unloving, yet I believe it backfires for the borg in that it gives time to think. I hope they never go back but make very successful lives for themselves!


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