Two more youths get kicked out of the organization, also kicked out of their house.

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  • JonathanH

    So I used to work with these two younger gentlemen back when I washed windows for a local elder's company. Good kids, sons of an elder, responsible and hardworking. I ran into him the other day briefly and he said him and his younger brother moved in together (they are about 19, and 18, maybe 20, and 18), and I was surprised. I didn't know they were doing well enough washing windows to get a place together. He said well that's what happens when you get DFed, his dad told them they had to find a place to live now. What did they get DFed for? Being young. They got tired and stressed by all the rules and regulations placed on them, and so they along with some other witness youths formed a little group that would sneak out at night and "get into trouble".

    Really it was pretty tame and innocent stuff, they put a santa clause statuette ontop of their old high school, drank a few *gasp* alchoholic beverages, would go urban exploring in abandoned buildings, came up with code names for each other. He explained it to me that they needed alter egos. They couldn't be the buttoned down teenagers, sit around at an adult supervised get together and sing kingdom melodies every weekend. But they couldn't be like normal people. So they came up with alter egos that would come out at night and have fun, get into hijinx, and then come back in the morning and be good little Jdubs. Eventually it was discovered, the jig was up, and they were ousted. What's sad is that the older brother passed up scholarships to the local university. He says he's going to try and go to school now for Real Estate or business or something of that nature, he's not sure yet. I didn't get to talk to him for long.

    Luckily (I guess) he didn't get DFed alone, he at least still has friends even if his Elder dad kicked him and his brother out. I told him he can call me if he ever needs anything too. Always helps to have a support network. I don't know if he'll ever go back or not, right now he says he plans on doing things he couldn't do before, like let his hair grow out a little. He's a black guy and he always kept his head shaved pretty close, but now he says he's going to let it grow for a bit just because he can. Just another example of youths getting driven out by them clamping down too hard. They bounce like a spring when too much pressure is applied. Hopefully we'll see JWs grow much older as a demographic as the young people leave in mass exodus over the coming years. For their own sake.

  • ranmac

    Id say they were hardly in a nurturing, loving home environment if theyre developing borderline split personalities or using secret code language to survive day to day life. Hope they dont return.

  • serenitynow!

    I did worse stuff than that when I was a teen. And they got d/f'd for that! That must be a really strict hall.

  • JonathanH

    I'm pretty sure it was on account of the "brazen" way it was done. They knew it was wrong, they were purposely going against the society's council because they felt it was suffocating, and they were attempting to hide it. It wasn't just that some kids had a few drinks, it's that they said "Being a witness blows, let's all sneak off every night, be completely different people and do things they tell us not to do."

  • punkofnice

    Seems to me that cults mess up the minds of people including parents that should know better but have 'no natural affection'.

    The elders get the kind of pwer they'd NEVER experience in the real world. Sawdust ceasars.

    Send the GB to the electric chair please. If anyone is too squeamish to pull the lever then I VOLUNTEER!!

    ...................and I'd bloody well do it too!!

  • JustThatGirl007

    Poor kids. It pisses me off so much that this "religion" caims to be so family oriented, together, brotherhood, BS BS BS, when in truth, they send their kids of with a nice hot cup of STFU and GTFO.

    I hope these boys can really make a success of their lives. They deserve it.

  • fade_away

    Good for them. My wife and I are two young people who left the second we got married and moved out. I'm letting my beard grow finally. I have kind of a baby face and the beard looks a lot more manly on me. I actually look my age with it. When i was a teen, we did similar things. Sneak out of the house at night and vandalize. We threw eggs at cars on Halloween and stole street signs. I'm definitely not proud of those moments now, but I think we were just desperately seeking a venting window from the suffocating lives we were in. We eventually got caught and counseled but not disfellowshipped. After I moved away, my friends did get DF'ed for drinking and smoking marijuanna at a worldly party.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi JonathanH. I am sorry to hear that two brothers got kicked out of their elder father's home because they were Df'ed for being teenagers. Are you able to email them or write them a note to visit JWN or I would feel terrible if they went back to the WTBTS because they did not know of a support forum for exJWs.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • man in black
    man in black

    I'm sorry that they got in trouble for those little "pranks".

    Like some of the other posters said,Yes, I did things much worse and it was hardly noticed,,,, and I also ran around with the po's kids !

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The only thing I can see them really getting in trouble for is the drinking under age.

    That other stuff was not dangerous or bad at all.

    If my kids did those things, I'd laugh and tell them to not be dumb enough to get caught (private property and all).

    I'd also tell them, and have told them, that if they want to drink alcohol to do it at home, never at anyone else's house.

    Getting caught for it is no fun.

    In the U.S., drugs and alcohol are punished much more severely than killing someone.

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