Do you ever suffer from this in your sleep or is it just me?

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  • highdose

    Last night at 2am i was awoken by the sound of cuboards in the room next to mine being opened and iteams falling out of them. It terrifiled me, i lay awake listening further for hours in case the burgalars tried anything else.... when the morning came i went into that room, to find it all as it should be... nothing disturbed at all... no break in at all.

    This has happened several times to me over the past few years. No its not the neighbours i live in a deatched house. And don't give me any trash about ghosts i don't belive in them either. I have heard the front door being smashed in, internal doors being slammed, items being dropped on the ceiling of the floor above me and i've heard breaking glass. When the morning comes... nothing... nada... everything is as it should be with no explanation for the noise at all.

    I have been suffering from this for 4 years ever since my house was attempted by theives. They failed but i've slept with one ear open ever since. And the jump of terror i suffer when i wake up in a dark bedroom, convinced of what i have heard is real.

    I have even before now called up the police, so certain i was that there was someone in the house. It was so embarrsing when they found no one there. But i now sleep with my door locked, phone and car keys next to me. Just in case.

    Am i crazy? Or dos this happen to anyone else?

  • ScenicViewer

    Is this ever accmpanied by the inability to move? It could be related to narcolepsy.

    (Awake 4-8-91 p19,20)

    "Other symptoms often include sudden muscle weakness, sleep paralysis, and frightening hallucinations."

    "REM sleep features may even intrude on a patient’s waking thoughts and superimpose a vivid dream—or a terrifying nightmare—on reality. He may awaken in bed, his body paralyzed in the REM state, and hear voices and see frightening things. Such waking dreams (called hypnagogic hallucinations) may also occur during the day, and about half of all narcoleptics experience them."

  • ScenicViewer

    One other thought Highdose, how'd you get your nick name?

    Just kidding!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Highdose. That must be traumatising for you.

    This link gives some interesting info

    We hear with our mind, not our ears. Because you have had a very traumatising experience in the past, it seems that your mind is " inventing sounds" because of this.

    Have you seen a councellor about your problem? He could very well help you. Hope you get over this soon.

    Best wishes jlp

  • highdose

    Hi i can move just fine when this happens.

    My username comes from when i first signed up here and was on a high dose of anti depressants, due to all the JW type trauma. I've been off them now for 9 months, but it seems i'm stuck with the username.

    Havn't seen a counselor no, i don't live in a country where they are comman, and the ones that are here will charge 50-70 euros per hour! Way beyond my range!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    It costs about the same here too. However, if you can afford it one day, you may well find that you only need one or two sessions. Have you talked to your doctor. Where I live, they can make referals to a free councellor, though the waiting list is sometimes a bit long.

    Anyway, taking reasonable precautions, like locking your door, is very wise. For the rest, try just telling yourself that it is just in your mind, and is caused by your own understandable fear. With the right approach, the problem should dissappear. Though a councellor would really be ideal if you can get one oneday.

  • nugget

    not crazy, I have had a similar thing happen when I was staying at a hotel on a training course. Someone stated that the hotel was haunted and although I didn't believe in ghosts it was back in my JW days and I did believe in demons. During the night I heard something come through the floor and stand over me. I could have sworn at the time that something was there in my room. I tried to say Jehovahs name for protection but could hardly get the words out. I realise now that what I had was a very vivd dream brought on by suggestion and my own superstision.

    In your case it is more likely post traumatic stress, the attempted break in was a scary event, the fact that you are still worried and concerned indicates that you have not recovered mentally from it. It is still preying on your mind causing vivid dreams that play on your fears. It has been 4 years since the initial event and nothing further has happened but you still worry. The brain is a very clever it is practicing the event over and over giving you the opportunity to rehearse the actions you would take and face the fear. It may be that you need to talk to a professional to help you work through this so that you can come to a place where you can relax in your home and get proper rest.

  • Awen

    I have similar things occur in my home. I have just taken to wearing earplugs and using sleeping pills. It's been going on for over a year but as I start to be able to ignore it (thanks to the earplugs) things have been getting better. Also I pray a lot, mostly for reassurance. I know some here who aren't religious at all may think it's all in my mind but when objects have moved from their places (after I put them in a certain spot) I know it's not. Since I have begun to pray more and believe in my heart that Christ is stronger that these occurrences (it took a lot of time for me to come to this point oddly enough) I have been getting the rest I need. But there is still that little bit of dread every night near bedtime. So I symphathize with you.

  • highdose

    Awen, i don't have objects physically moving. I just hear them move and then find out that they havn't.

    i don't belive in god, demons, christ or ghosts. I know this is all in my mind. But its hard to be rational when i wake up in a pitch black room in the small hours with my heart pounding.

  • sizemik
    In your case it is more likely post traumatic stress. . . . nugget

    Could well be something in that. We have a large incidence of PTSD here in CHCH NZ after the earthquakes. Flashbacks during sleep are a common symptom and can persist for some time if not treated. Google PTSD Flashbacks and see if it makes sense. And cover it with your Dr. if necessary. Best wishes.

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