How do you know when the Governing Body speaks for itself, and when it is supposed to speak for Jehovah?

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  • erbie

    punkofnice posted:

    C. T. Russell founder of the WTS, called himself "God's mouthpiece" (WT 1906 July 15 p. 229); claimed that compared to reading his books Bible reading is "a waste of time" (WT 1910 September 15 p. 298), and that his books "harmonize...every statement in the Bible."
    (DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES 1886 p. 348)

    Oh yes. I own a copy of Russel's book 'The Divine Plan of The Ages'.

    Such wisdom contained therein!

    How did mankind survive without it?

    Preferably, it should be read every morning and night so as to glean every available nugget of truth from its pages.

  • 00DAD

    That's an easy question! They NEVER speak for God. Just look at their track record. Duh!

  • iamwhoiam

    That's the whole point of can't know. That's why they will continue to make the big bucks along with psychics and all other forms of paranormality. people are afraid of what they can't see, yet unafraid to fork out the cash to someone/entity that says they can. People want to be deluded because it's easier and more dramatized that facing reality.

  • civicsi00

    Don't forget that whenever the GB realizes they've made a mistake in a teaching, it's ALWAYS was the fault of "Jehovah's people", and NEVER them directly. Placing the blame on the sheeple always allows them to escape for another day.. <sigh>

  • DaCheech

    greybeard hit it right on.

    the "troof"

  • cedars

    dgp - it's a strange one this. Basically, the Governing Body do not claim infallibility, and refute (at least openly) the claim that their writings are inspired by Holy Spirit in the same way as the bible writers. However, they DO claim that the Holy Spirit guides them in writing the publications and 'preparing' the spiritual food. Quite what is the difference between spirit inspired and spirit guided has never been explained in any publication to my knowledge. To my mind, both expressions mean one and the same thing.

    I sometimes wonder whether before long the Governing Body will 'go for broke' and just say "Too hell with it, we ARE inspired after all, and Watchtowers are basically just extensions to the Bible canon. Deal with it."

    They've pulled enough crazy stunts down the years, it's only a matter of time before they 'go the whole hog'.

  • 00DAD

    The Emperor is not only naked, he's butt-ugly too!

    But don't you dare say a word our you'll be labeled an "Apostate" and DF'd.

  • cedars

    Just an quick addition to my previous post since it's been on my mind in the intervening period.

    When you think about it, Spirit-Guided implies MORE intervention on the part of the Holy Spirit in the writing process than Spirit-Inspired.

    If I planned a trip for us to all go off and climb a mountain somewhere, and said "don't worry, I'll be guiding you to the summit" you would assume that I would be with you every step of the way, helping you to negotiate the perilous crags and pinnacles until we reached the top of the mountain.

    If however I said "now don't you worry, I'm going to inspire you all the way to the top" you would think "oh, great...." and brace yourselves for me to slide off into a rousing braveheart style speech, or start singing an inspirational song etc.

    To guide someone in writing something is far more involved than to inspire them.

    Just a thought.

  • 00DAD

    Cedars: Nice illustration


    The Governing Body always speaks for itself because Jehovah does not exist.This is the appeal of having an organization to follow, it is at least real and tangible, producing endless books and Watchtowers to read for guidence.

    Ok! They are full of nonsence but the members would rather have an illusion of certainty than face the reality of uncertainty.

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