The End?

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  • lostandconfused

    Thanks for your responses. By the way, I was raised a JW, never baptized...I used to post here under another name but changed it due to sneaky people

    Going to the meetings growing up it didn't really seem like you heard about "the end" very much, but lately it seems like every single watchtower article and sunday talk, all you hear is "the end, the end, the end". "The end is close because wars are so bad, famine is so bad, and earthquakes are so bad"...haven't these things always been around? It drives me crazy, if I hear another thing about the end, or how satan is controlling everything, I am going to stab myself in the eye!!

    I mean, if JWs are so sure that they have the truth, why do they have to anazlyze dates so much??? Why can't they just live their lives and serve God? You can't even go to a meeting and learn anything about the bible, because all you hear is "the end, the end, the end...."

    By the way some of you might ask why I go to meetings, in short, I'm forced to...but that's all I'll say about my situatuion right now...

  • wobble

    Dear LAC, when I used to attend it drove me nuts too, that and the ever shriller calling for loyalty etc. (worship really) toward the G.B

    The sooner you are able to stop going and start a nice little fade the better, but I know that can be hard.

    One of my sons had to stomach going along to the odd meeting for a number of years as we were part funding his time at University, and he didn't want to upset his mother and me.

    Poor chap, if I had woken up earlier he would not have had to endure the crap, still it taught him fortitude !

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