The End?

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  • lostandconfused

    Growing up I remember always hearing, "the end will come when the preaching work is finished?"

    Then it was, "The end will come when there are no more annointed on earth"

    Now I hear it's when the "Generation is gone" But oh wait...there's now new light about an "overlapping of 2 generations??"

    I've tried asking JWs about this but they don't even seem sure themselves when the end will come, because the story keeps changing!!

    So my question is, when and how was this new light introduced? And also does the "new light" about Daniel's Prophecy have anything to do with it, or is that separate?

  • transhuman68

    New light is introduced when the GB pulls it out of their asses. Daniel's prophecy is new light because the average Witness has forgotten whatever crap they are supposed to remember, and any load of old bollocks told to them at an assembly seems like new light, and more proof that the end is near. Anything that can possibly happen anywhere in the world is proof that the end is close. Even a mid-life crisis is proof that this old system can't last. If I hear one more parrot-brained Witness say the end is near I will go Ninja on their asses! They would be more useful if they were converted into cat food.

  • sizemik

    100 years ago people were walking the streets with sandwich boards saying "Repent - The End is Nigh". 2000 years ago a group of people lived out there lives expecting Gods Kingdom to arrive in a hail of fire. A quick browse of the web will show planets hiding behind the sun waiting to zap us, depopulation conspiracies, constant chemical topdressing, and whizz-bang weapons that can start earthquakes, tsunamis, and record breaking cyclones. Any day now the earth will pass through some cosmic plane and we'll all go poof!

    A certain proportion of the human race is poorly wired and are constantly pulling things out of their ass . . . always have been.

  • wobble

    "The world shall end when the High Bridge is thrice fallen" Mother Shipton, 16th century prophetess.

    The bridge in question is over the river Nidd and carries the busy A59 road, just outside the Yorkshire town of Knaresborough.

    The bridge has fallen down twice already in its long history, so Mother Shipton is looking as though she will prove to be a better foreteller of events than the WT ever was or will be.

    If you wish to go and wait by the bridge, the "World's End" Pub is nearby and you can sup some fine Yorkshire ales as you wait.

  • Awen

    Does it really matter when the end comes?

    I think this tactic has been used as a means of control and not one of release. Keeping people in expectation will enable more converts to be made and ultimately increase donations.

    For myself I never served God with a time-table in mind, nor do I now do so. I don't understand the whole pre-occupation with trying to figure out when the "end" will come.

    I consider it to be a life long committment and even if it doesn't come in my lifetime it matters not one bit to me. It's the Joy and Peace I have now by serving God and not what comes tomorrow, or next week, etc.

    We should rejoice that the "end" hasn't come yet for that means even more will be saved as they realize the truth about our world and the religious leaders who keep us in bondage.

    So rather than be downhearted that the "end" hasn't yet come, we should rejoice for the patience God has shown us in allowing us enough time to awaken spiritually.

  • sizemik

    I like your take on that Awen . . . seems a lot more "Christian" to me.

  • wobble

    Dear Awen's take on it was exactly mine when I was "in", I never preached, or thought about much, the End, just the need to serve God. To me the big A would have been (if it were real, which it isn't) just a hiccup in my service to God.

    I must use AWen's last thought at the first opportunity to a JW:

    "Of course, the End hasn't come yet because jehovah is waiting for the JW's to wake up spiritually !"

  • N.drew

    Wobble, I think you just said it. God can't destroy the wicked, when the worst offenders are His own people. (loving the darkness is bad, right?)

  • Galileo

    Awen, your entire post is an oxymoron. To summarize: We should be grateful that our benevolent god hasn't yet committed the beautiful atrocity that he will eventually commit. We should be thankful for every agonizingly torturous day that we endure before he eventually brings us into the real life by murdering millions or billions of men women and babies (so many millions of babies!) to bring about the new system. How dare those infidels not believe us when we said the world would end before those that saw the events of 1914 would die - Oh crap - scratch that. We need to start over...

    It has NOTHING to do with serving for a date. It has to do with the JW's making testable, falsifiable, and therefore scientific claims that they were god's one and only channel. Those claims were: 1) that the bible points to 1914 as a pivotal year due to the Jews being taken into Babylonish exile in 606 B.C.E. (Later changed to 607 when it was pointed out to them that they were terrible at math). False. This has been proven to have happened in 586 - 587 B.C.E., with not a single shred of evidence for 607.

    I was going to go on, but realy, what's the point. If you don't get it, I'm not going to convince you. Enjoy you're delusion. Just think about this: When you converted, there were probably solid reasons for that. Do those reasons still exist? Not one of mine do. Not one.

  • thetrueone

    The End, concerning the provocative bullshiting of the WTS. will probably never come in are life time.

    All the WTS's doctrinal framework from its very beginning was developed on the premise of circulation and proliferation

    of its own published works. The establishment of Jesus's heavenly and earthly kingdom in 1914, was and always will be

    a self serving fraud for this publishing house. When you really think about it though isn't every religion a self serving fraud of sorts ?

    But BS does sells more in the printing and publishing world.

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