Help. I need a date.

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  • EmptyInside

    Go ahead and give NewChapter the Shasta. I only liked the lemon lime,the cola was just awful.

  • sizemik

    Here in NZ . . . the food service was refined in 1992. Hot meals were done away with that year in favour of hot pastries and sandwiches served in pre-packed bags. The following year the convention was three months later (mid-summer) and only pre-packed cold food was served. EmptyInside is correct . . . the announcement that food service would cease was in a 1994 KM . . . and at our district convention in Jan 1995 . . . all had to bring their own food. Some families set up "picnics" in the carpark fit for royalty . . . complete with tables and chairs. It turned into a gourmet competition for some . . . no surprises there.

    Bear in mind the KM's were produced locally at the branch HQ. The timing may have varied depending on your district.

  • talesin

    ahahaha,,, I was gonna say that if you're a womyn, you are definitely 'sending a message' with your screen name .... :D

    ah,,, food service .... all that wonderful time spent in the kitchen, peeling potatoes, socializing and NOT having to listen to the program ... plus, a delish homemade meal for cheap cheap cheap "back in the day"... poor suckers that have to bring their own lunches nowadays ... just sayin' ...


  • NewChapter

    Go ahead and give NewChapter the Shasta. I only liked the lemon lime,the cola was just awful.

    LOL, we can share EP. lemon-lime was probably the least offensive.


  • daringhart13

    It was the end of the only thing worth going to conventions for:

    the cheese danish

  • NewChapter

    They should have chosen FAYGO instead---then we would have gotten our armegeddon. Just like it was prophesied . . .

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Okay, Donut, when?


  • talesin

    ahahaha,,, moshin' in the empty pop bottles ... excellent!

    is Faygo some brand of American soda? We don't have Shasta here, either. Sounds gross (don't drink the stuff myself).


  • NewChapter

    Faygo and Shasta are a lot alike. Cheap soda that no one really likes. Insane Clown Posse shakes up bottles of Faygo at their concerts and showers the audience so they can dance in the Faygo Rain. That's what inspired this Faygo Armeggedon. You'll see makeup and ICP paraphenalia.

    Lot's of fruity flavors, and the worst cola on earth---both brands--BUT CHEAP!

  • AGuest
    I only liked the lemon lime,the cola was just awful.

    Not according to Shasta, dear EP (peace to you!)

    "Don't gimme that so-so soda The same 'ol cola I wanna rock-n-roll-a I want a pop... I want a Shasta! I want a thrill, I want a wow I want it all, I want it NOW! I want a pop... I want a Shasta!"


    SA, who loved that jingle... on her own...

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