Going back to the hall for the first time in four months

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  • lohengren

    Four months ago I left home after arguing with my pops. Haven't been to a meeting since, nor have I talked to my father. Tomorrow I'm gonna go see my 8 year old brother give his first talk.

    I'm kinda nervous but I feel like I have to do this. I will post anything interesting that happens.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Good luck to you.

    Paula x

  • Hairyhegoat


    I think you are brave, but can you explain the falling out with your dad ? I had a similar thing when I tried to question the latest generation change with my dad. We have not spoken or seen each other in over 12 months. Why do you feel the need to go and see 8 year old give his first talk ? You will no doubt bump into your dad won't you ? How old are you ? Kids of 8 don't have to give talks infront of 70/80 people only to have the school overseea tear them to peices after they freeze once on the platform. This kind of child manipulation is child abuse if you ask me. It is not normal for a 8 year old to give talks and teach people 10 times his age.. My advise is don't go to the hall and try to contact your brother covertly without your dad having anything to do with it. Your dad is stubborn just like mine and a stiff neck jo ho company man.. Has he tried to contact you in the 4 four months you have left? If not after this weeks Watchtower he will never call you as anyone who has left is to be shunned and they will never contact you ever unless you go groverling back to the meetings and kiss the elders assssss.

    Do not go to the hall you were out for 4 months already, don't let them get back into your head. You can help your brother by showing him that there is a life on the outside.. he is just to young to act in the way you have... you have broke the curse of the JW'S don't go back. Send your dad e-mails and text's to say you are ok but don't be tricked by family into going back.. We have lost all family to the WT but we are free and having a great time. I hope I have done enough to stop you setting foot in a kingdum hall ever again.


  • Gayle

    What a heartbreak!! If you do go,,I hope you can get to your brother somewhat, away from your folks,,and tell him you love him with all your heart and always will no matter what,,and that you are very happy (and if you can add ' happy not going to meetings anymore') Hopefully, he will at least remember you and that there is someone to go to if and when he decides he doesn't like it anymore also and he may have a way out, but not feel so alone. Best wishes.

  • jamiebowers

    I feel so badly for you and your brother...any poor kid caught up in the Watchtower. Good luck!

  • i_drank_the_wine

    I don't think there's a force in the 'verse that could get me to walk back into a crappy kingdumb hall and be around those ignorant arrogant cult-holes ever again. Good luck.

  • cantleave

    Save your brother - teach him critical thinking skills.

  • WTWizard

    It won't be just your father you have to worry about. Brother Hounder and his friends are all going to be wanting you back at each and every single boasting session, and as soon as possible. All it takes is just one of them, or one of the pio-sneers, to know you and you are in for a hounding to return.

    To me, it simply isn't worth it.

  • lohengren

    The incident with my dad is quite sad and hilarious looking back, and it had nothing to do with the witnesses.

    The fact is he wanted me out of the house but would never come out and say it, so he would act in ridiculous ways to make my life hell.

    I think he was hoping I would storm out like some stupid kid, realize the world is hard and come crying back to him, to teach me some kind of lesson.So one day I did, and to his credit I have learned many lessons since I’ve been away.

    I just got a text from my mom asking if I'm gonna attend the meeting tonight, told her I was planning to. I'll probably just pop in right as the opening song wraps up. Wave to my brother while he's on stage and leave at the mid-point. A cowardly way to go about it, but I just don't have the will to deal with all the bullcrap.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I think that is nice of you to go through that in order to support your little brother . Do you still get to speak to him ? Just becareful not to get his hopes up that you may return to meetings (if that is indeed not your plan).

    Let him know this visit was only because you love him . It can be confusing for little kids in this situation. They may even believe that they have the power to get you back into the "ark of salvation". Speaking from experience . I was 10 yrs old when my older brother left the JW's and I always thought I should be doing something to help him back . I fantacized at every convention he would come in just to see me ....it was really sad .

    Parents unwittingly put thoughts in the little kids heads too ,that they have some power or ability to sway their sibiling back ....a lot of pressure for a kid ,that doesn't know yet ,he can not control other peoples actions .

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