So who was living in this house in Brooklyn Hgts.?

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  • Iamallcool

    The real estate agent is a lesbian! Lisa Detwiler. Put Lisa Detwiler, NY in fb search engine, you will see that she only likes women. She also wears bikini too in her facebook profile. Why did the Watchtower chose her to be their real estate agent? What about a JW real estate agent?

  • discreetslave

    There were plenty of Bethel rooms with dining room sets in it. At 90 there was a couple in a single room with a full dining set, table linens ,centerpiece, couch and coffee table. The room was crowded,they slept in a wall bed. Every night they had to take the room apart and then put it back together in the morning. I thought that was a collossal waste of time.
    There were Bethelites that had some really nice antique furniture it may have been there's before going to bethel. There was one brother who had a knights armor set up in his brownstone and a cabinet very much like the one in that dining room. The furniture in there is the type of stuff I've seen in bethel rooms. Not unusual at all. A couple I cleaned for had a double room & it was wall to wall antiques. I cleaned for a couples with high end stuff. Furniture from bombay co., crate & barrell. I know a sister who stopped giving this one couple monetary gifts when she saw there room looked better than her home. Many were given things by generous publishers. If a family was going to upgrade their furniture they would give the old to bethelites. Some came from families that were well off. Some were well off before entering service.

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