Behold! — Watchtower’s Bible Scholar

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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Behold! — Watchtower’s Bible Scholar

    Today I uploaded a new article to my blog taking a look at Watchtower’s announcement and identification of its “Bible Scholar.” Then my article shows his resume.

    My article is titled Behold! — Watchtower’s Bible Scholar and is available at:

    Marvin Shilmer

  • cedars

    Hilarious, love the way you have taken Rutherford's declaration as self-proclaimed bible scholar and woven it in with his prediction that Abraham and David would be resurrected in 1925.

    One thing that has always struck me about the "ancient worthies" teaching (apart from how ludicrous it is) is that it would have been very easy for anyone who spoke Hebrew to turn up at Watch Tower HQ, claim to be the resurrected David (preferably wearing a tunic and beard) and get the keys to luxury accommodation at Beth Sarim. How on earth were they supposed to prove that anybody who tried that WASN'T King David, or any of the other ancient worthies for that matter? I'm surprised nobody took advantage of this gaping opportunity to get a free luxury home during the aftermath of the Great Depression. If I were alive at the time, I definately would have learnt Hebrew and grown a beard just to try and pull it off...

  • erbie

    Ah Cedars, I love it.

    What nonsense we have partaken of!

    Does it not put a smile on your face to think how we believed in these morons?

    Beth Sarim indeed! Smells like Watchtower mischief to me.

  • cedars

    erbie - yes it is incredible that people actually believed this once, and that the organization that promoted this teaching still flourishes to this day without anyone calling its judgment into question. It's a shame more Witnesses aren't aware of the Beth Sarim fiasco. I personally think it was all a conspiracy on the part of Rutherford to get a nice home to live in during the winter. He obviously enjoyed his luxury lifestyle judging by the type of car he was driving around in during such austere times, while the rest of America wallowed in poverty. I smell a scam...

  • erbie

    You are bang on target Cedars!

    He carved out a very cushy life for himself.

    I think money and prestige always was the motive behind the organization and it has carried on right through until now. I don't think that any of the leaders have ever believed it. The only people that do are the ones who 'choose' to follow.

    I think that the closer one gets to the top, the more evident it becomes that it is all an illusion.

    I mean, the so called 'anointed' don't really believe they are special, do they?

  • VM44

    In the back of the book Vindication I appears an advertisement stating that Judge Rutherford is the world's foremost Bible scholar!

    A scan of that would be a good addition to Marvin's blog page.

  • TotallyADD

    I agree. With my new book "I am the smartest person on earth." I can see where he was coming from. (NOT). Just goes to show you anyone can say anything and there will be people who will believe it. Maybe I should titled the new book "World's foremost smartest person" that way everone will know I know what I am talking about. LOL Totally ADD

  • LV101

    rutherfraud was just another charlatan. didn't he do his legal stunt the apprentice way (if, in fact, he even did this much work) and he was a lowly runner (read something about him running papers back and forth and filing them) and got his hands on some forms --- filled in the blanks and puff was a lawyer. i've heard men used to become country doctors the same way. i'm sure it was another scam job before he found the lord.

  • thetrueone

    In the back of the book Vindication I appears an advertisement stating that Judge Rutherford is the world's foremost Bible scholar!

    Nice catch VM44

    Funny how all these book publishing charlatans get described as being the worlds foremost bible scholars.

    Harold Camping has been described as such and so has Jack Van Impe

    Self promotional marketing has its place with these guys including the WTS.

  • Adso

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

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