Inside Australia's chilling new cult, an xJW is the leader

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  • finallysomepride

    In a 10 month investigation, Sunday Night infiltrates one of the world’s most worrying new cults. But most chilling, this cult is Australian, spreading and described as worse than WACO. We go inside the cult’s headquarters to meet the leaders and their followers who claim their lives have been changed forever.

    At the start he is discribed as being an xjw.

    I hope non aussies are able to view the videos.

    This guy is nuts

  • Quandry

    It is interesting that Mary is also a caucasion from Australia, as are so many that were "there with him" when he was put to death.

  • sizemik

    No problem with the link in NZ fsp . . .

    I seem to remember a shorter news item some months back on this guy . . .

    Chilling stuff really . . . but the parallels to JWism are very strong. Typical cult behaviour. Apocalyptic fear. Family seperation. Info control etc etc

    What was interesting from this was the insight into emotional manipulation as a critical element of mind control.

    Hopefully soon some sort of scientific study can pinpoint the emotional triggers involved and how brain chemistry plays on human reasoning in this particular area . . . it's so damn destructive.

    I tend to agree with the interviewer . . . this won't end well.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    The scary thing was that the children were being brainwashed as well. Believers bring their children to the indoctrination sessions to learn from "Jesus" as well.

    Having the "cult expert" to comment on it was interesting. He wrote a blog about it:

  • Nickolas

    The link works fine here in Canada. I haven't watched all three videos but just the cult expert's initial comments are sufficient to tell the tale - the fact that they are isolating themselves in a compound is ominous.

  • Gayle

    This is so sad, especially for the children, ugh.

    Many people fear their life, fear themselves, fear their emotions. For some it can be just a momentary timing. Anyone can have a bad time. When someone comes along to tell them they are okay afterall, that actually they are special, chosen, they will cling to that like crazy. That they are promised to have a great wonderful future, hooks them. The Promiser becomes their God, or their channel. They will obey that person or group desparately, to maintain this false security. If it could mean their death, they are okay to accept that.

  • jay88

    No matter how much this cult leader activity, upsets or offends another

    If the followers are happy, upbeat and are enthusiastic people, only a fool or an ignorant brute would want to take that away from them,.......

  • Reality79

    Scary stuff................

  • happyexjw

    Wow....just wow and scary!!! I wish my jw mum would watch these videos, i can guarantee that she would recognise it as a cult, but im sure if I point out the simularities of them and jw's she would still dismiss it......heartbreaking not only for my mum but also for those in who believe aj millar really is jesus, and those innocent, vulnerable, impressionable kids who have no choice. I hate to say it but I cannot see a good ending to this at all, it has all the hallmarks of a jonestown

    I hope their families can reach them and pull them back to reality before its too late!


  • Awen

    Very sad. This guy looks a lot like David Koresh of the Branch Davidians. His spiel sounds a lot like it too. He's broken up a married couple in order to have another man's wife.

    I wanna see this guy walk on water, heal the blind or calm a hurricane.

    Not gonna happen. When will people stop followilng fruit loops like this?

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